Hard Drive Erased, Busy Saturday Ahead

When I graduated from DSU, I purchased my Tablet PC for $900 and had been using it as my regular computer ever since then, until January when I took it to Las Vegas.  While staying at Planet Hollywood, the laptop contracted a virus of some sort and had become so infected it barely worked at all.

I e-mailed DSU to see if they would do repairs on it, and sure enough, they were nice enough to take a look.  I sent in my hard drive, they fixed it, and sent it back.  It sure does work like new!  Too new, in fact.  Somewhere along the lines, unfortunately, I missed out on the part where they would be erasing everything from the hard drive!  I had almost four years worth of files on there, not to mention a ton of software, that is gone forever.  Lauren also lost a year’s worth of files.  I had all my photos backed up, otherwise everything is gone.  I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that everything I’ve done the last four years is gone.  I can’t really blame DSU; I should have known to take precaution when sending my hard drive in for repairs.

On the bright side, though, is the fact that I have a computer as good as new aside from a malfunctioning sound card.

We’ve also been hitting up the gym at least four times a week.  We have both received comments that it looks like we’ve lost weight.  I am down to about 259 according to our scale at home, a loss of about six pounds.  I’m running for at least 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, then doing some weights for ten minutes or so.  Not a huge workout, but gradually I’m sure it will increase.

In other news, Lauren and I have a very busy Saturday.  Supposedly between 8 and 10, Comcast will be at our apartment to install cable and internet.  At 11, I need to be 55 miles northwest in Buffalo to take pictures of an event center for a website I’m building.  At 3, Lauren and I have a wedding cake tasting.  And at night, we have tickets to the Darius Rucker concert at Treasure Island in Red Wing!



  1. Too bad about losing all those files…luckily for you, lots of them were uploaded to your website. At least they got all that illegal porn erased (I hope)…Good luck on the weight loss, sounds like you’re both on the road to success!

  2. I had a feeling they were going to just reformat your computer and reinstall everything. You ought to ensure that you have the software for your tablet, then make a partition and save your files on that so that if your OS or softwares take a dump, you can start over and keep your files.

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