LV/SFO… Done. Thank God.

I am back in Minneapolis, and very, very happy to be here.  I had a great time in Las Vegas, and for the most part the San Francisco trade show trip was an okay time, but the last 24 hours were insane as the three of us tried to solve the simple problem of getting two iMacs home.  I wound up racing across an airport at the last minute searching for a UPS store because the boxes were too big to carry on the plane.  Whatever, it’s over, I’m home, and I am very happy the trip is over.  But I’m still a little upset over that whole ordeal and am sure it will carry over to work Monday.

I don’t really have any other tales from the trip to mention.  We finished the show, packed up, ate dinner at the Wharf, and went to bed early.  The flight was as smooth as can be.  I will give big props to NWA for another great flight.  I’ve heard people say Southwest is the superior airline, but I am now 10-for-10 receiving my luggage from NWA and 0-for-1 on Southwest.

It was quite the moment when I spotted Lauren at the airport to pick me up.  I couldn’t run fast enough to meet back up and get on the road.  I was even relieved to see  our wildly messy house, Sarah, Walsh, Nick, Roscoe, and even black farm cat who apparently made a disastrous poopy mess of the basement while I was away.

I’ll work on posting pictures this weekend on Facebook.  I’ll post a link as soon as they’re up.

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