July has been well below average temp-wise here in Austin, but that has not remotely curbed my heavy sweating!

I leisurely walked Edie down to the neighborhood 4th of July parade yesterday morning at Rattan Creek Park in her stroller, which was about a mile. It was around 74º during the walk, though it was a bit humid. Upon arrival, my shirt was so soaked I could literally take it off and wring it out into a bucket. I was wearing a bandana to help soak up sweat too and that was drenched. My hair was sopping wet. My sweat ring protruded halfway down my underwear and shorts. And not a single other soul at the entire parade even looked the slightest bit moist or uncomfortable.

This is not some wild singular occurrence or cause for alarm… for me, this is a completely normal day!

It’s been happening since at least 7th grade. I would wear headbands in basketball out of necessity, not a fashion statement. Yet somehow after all these years, I just brushed it off and went on with the day, sweating through more and more clothes. Everything from sitting idly on a park bench in the sun to a light walk from one airport gate to another will have me soaked, especially the head. Never had it looked into. At night I will wake up drenched head to toe, the sheets and pillow not just damp but soaked to where you might think someone poured a bucket of water over them.

But then it happened again this morning, and under even less strenuous conditions. I took the kids to an air-conditioned indoor play land, Indigo Play. The average person who walked in might have even felt it was a little chilly inside. I did a little bit of crawling through structures with them at the beginning, but for the most part sat idly on a bench and watched over the course of 2 hours, 15 minutes. Towards the end, I was so soaked I once again could wring my shirt out after. My hair was so soaked it looked like I had gotten caught in a monsoon. A fellow parent saw me sitting on the bench and remarked how I wouldn’t need to go to the gym because I had gotten my workout for the day playing with the kids! That got me to looking around and noticing how there were only two people at the entire play land who were remotely sweaty, let alone soaked to the bone—me and… John!

I have noticed he is always the sweatiest kid in any room. I don’t see other kids breaking sweats at all, and yet he is dripping. It is just a coincidence that we would share this condition, of course.

I think we may both suffer from hyperhidrosis. I will bring it up with the doctor soon. I think it would be nice to not be soaked 50% of the time, and damp/moist 40% of the time. Those precious moments when the ice cold AC is blasting on me are about the only times I’m in the clear.

And of course I write this because I like to crowdsource my medical conditions for solutions before seeking medical attention. So, if you have any suggestions, I’m open!