As you could probably guess, I do not like to take a trip and just enjoy it in the moment and come home and forget about it. It’s much more fun to document the whole thing and then continuously look back at it over the years.

Whether traveling for a family event, a fun vacation, or even work, I—of course—have come up with what I think is a fairly complete list of trips I’ve taken. This post began several years ago as a draft and I let it sit around for a while and figured I’d chip away at it and get ‘er published. All in all I think this post is the most extensive blog post I’ve ever written and took many hours over several years to complete! And as I approach the big road trip in a few days, which will honestly coincidentally be the 100th trip on this list, I figured what better time to pound through it at night and publish it than now.

What constitutes a trip? I do not have any hard, fast rules for that. I count trips back to South Dakota from Texas but not from when we were in Minnesota, for instance. A 90-mile trip to San Antonio counted as a trip when we stayed there for several nights, but not when I just drove down for a single night alone. Early family trips to Sioux Falls counted but not ones later on where it was much more common. You will just have to enjoy this list for what it is and not ask too many questions.

1. Sioux Falls, SD, 1984

Who: Me, mom, Grandma Bell

As far as I know based on photographic evidence, this would have been my first time more than a couple hours from home. Pictures show me as a toddler enjoying a dip in the pool at a hotel with Mom, while Grandma Bell was apparently in town on business when she was a banker.

First hotel pool? Very likely.

2. Sioux Falls, SD, August 1989

Who: Me, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Alex

Grandpa Dick was in the Veterans’ hospital in Sioux Falls, and the family went down to see him and spent the night and went to the zoo.

All ready for a day at Wild Water West and the zoo.

3. Black Hills, SD, August 1991

Who: Me, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Alex

This was by far the farthest I had ever ventured from home in my first nearly 9 years of life, and also the longest I was away. Very memorable trip with stops at Mount Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, Badlands, Wall Drug, Flintstone Park, The Cosmos and more.

Acid wash denim was a necessity for exploring the Hills.

4. Kansas City, MO, June 1994

Who: Me, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Alex

The first out-of-state trip was quite a thrill, but unfortunately was not just for fun. Cousin Eric Glanzer was hospitalized across the border in Kansas, so while we did turn it into a fun family vacation with a Royals game and Worlds of Fun, it was also to visit Eric, who would sadly die that fall.

Jordan and me down on the field of Kaufman Stadium.

5. Ontario, Canada, June 1995

Who: Me, Andrew, Albert, Julayne, Sarah, Jeff Graham

Friend Andrew Graham invited me along with his family on a big camping/fishing trip throughout Ontario. I remember stopping at Atikokan and Sioux Lookout, but we more or less camped somewhere new every night. It was my first time away from the family for any substantial amount of time.

Me with the Graham family, about to depart for Canada. No passport required.

6. Minneapolis, MN, June 1996

Who: Me, Dad, Regan Glanzer, Jesse Van Heukelom

By this point, I had become a pretty hardcore Twins fan, and wanted more than anything to check out the Twins in action at the Metrodome. Most, if not all, of my boy classmates had been to Twins games, so I was thrilled to ride a bus from Watertown with Dad, Regan, and Jesse to catch the Twins and Athletics play a rare scheduled doubleheader at the Dome.

My first time seeing the Metrodome was a fairly magical experience.

7. Gatlinburg, TN, August 1997

Who: Me, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Alex, Grandma Bell, Grandpa Bell, Stuart

Uncle Brian’s wedding in the Smoky Mountains was the basis of this big family road trip from South Dakota, complete with Grandma, Grandpa and Stuart in another car in the caravan. We stopped overnight in St. Joseph, Missouri and Clarksville, Tennessee before getting to our cabin in the woods.

Relaxing in the hot tub high in the Smokey Mountains.

8. Black Hills, SD, May 1998

Who: WLHS Band

The high school band trip took place every four years, and in 1998 they chose to take the band to Mt. Rushmore to play at the lighting ceremony. There was plenty of extra time for hikes and swimming and stuff. It was actually a hell of a good trip.

Friends and I hiked to the top of Harney Peak.

9. Minneapolis, MN, August 1998

Who: Me, Jesse Van Heukelom, Brandon, Merl, Tammy, Tracy Hanson, Julie Virchow

This was the first of three consecutive years of joining Brandon Hanson’s family for their annual back-to-school trip to Minneapolis to take in the Big 3—a Twins game, the Mall of America, and Valleyfair. We sat in the outfield for the Twins-Cardinals game and saw Mark McGwire homer, on his way to 70.

Mark McGwire almost did hit our target.

10. Minneapolis, MN, August 1999

Who: Me, Brandon, Merl, Tammy, Tracy Hanson, Julie Virchow

It was the same trip, different year, as I joined the Hansons on their journey to the Twin Cities. The Twins played the Blue Jays this time in front of a sparse crowd at the Dome.

The second of three straight years of Hanson baseball trips.

11. Winnipeg, MB, May 2000

Who: WLHS Chorus

The high school choir trip was a once-every-four-years occasion. Shortly after graduation senior year, we departed on the trip to Winnipeg where we explored and sang at an area nursing home. The thing I remember most about this trip was the hotel water slide with no supervision whatsoever where all 50 of us just piled down together.

The long bus ride up to Winnipeg for singing.

12. Flagstaff, AZ, June 2000

Who: Me, Brandon Hanson, Doug and Junia Meyer

Thanks to my involvement in some school activities, Brandon Hanson and I were chaperoned by the Meyers as our school’s representatives at something called the Rural Trust Rendezvous in Flagstaff. I was in it entirely for the free travels.

I took in Cardinals training camp and hung with Frank Sanders.

13. St. Louis, MO, July 2000

Who: Grace Lutheran Youth Group

My unwilling involvement in the church youth group had at least one perk—the big bus trip to St Louis for the annual Lutheran Youth Gathering! We stopped in Kansas City for baseball on the way in, and kinda got to run around St Louis freely for a few days. I was surprised—they kinda just handed us our per diem each morning and let us loose in St Louis with minimal supervision.

Dinner at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Restaurant.

14. Minneapolis, MN, August 2000

Who: Me, Kathy Brower, Merl, Tammy, Brandon, Tracy Hanson

This was the finale of the three annual Hanson family trips. Brandon invited both me and Kathy along to see a Twins-Royals game and hit up Valleyfair and the MOA. I was really attached to that big belt-strap camera pouch.

Brandon, Kathy and I were an inseparable trio in 2000!

15. Steamboat Springs, CO, August 2000

Who: Me, Mom, Dad, Jordan, Alex, Grandma Bell, Grandpa Bell, Stuart, Kathy Brower, Brandon Hanson

The Bell family reunion took place in Steamboat Springs, and we road-tripped out there with Grandma, Grandpa and Stuart. I was allowed to invite two friends, so Brandon and Kathy came along. We hiked in the Rockies and ran out of gas once. Knee-high socks with sandals were apparently fashionable.

Posing for roadside rock climbing.

16. San Francisco, CA, March 2001

Who: Me, Brandon Hanson, Guy LaMont, Jamie Hovde, Jennifer Lamb, Haley Dreher, Ron and Janet Denman

Just like Flagstaff before, I weaseled my way into another fun trip through my involvement in a school related activity for the Kids Who Know and Do conference. Brandon, Guy and I flew out there for 5 days to give a single presentation that only one person attended—and walked out of. Hahahahaha…

Near the famous Lombard Street.

17. Minneapolis, MN, April 2001

Who: WLHS Class of 2001

Our senior class trip was Minneapolis. A bus drove us into the Twin Cities where some of us went to a zoo or skied, went bowling, attended a dinner theater production, and more. I lobbied hard for a pro sporting event of some sort but the class voted nay.

Bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl with Bobbie and Effie.

18. Mattawan, MI, July 2001

Who: Me, Brandon Hanson, Guy LaMont

Brandon, Guy and I drove from South Dakota to Michigan to visit old classmate Jesse, who had moved away junior year. We stopped in Minneapolis to see a Twins game and a Bon Jovi concert, and Chicago to hang out with band director Mr. Ehrke.

Not staged… I went the first three days of the trip without sleeping and finally my body couldn’t keep up.

19. Omaha, NE, September 2002

Who: Me, Patrick Lynch, Casey Van Heel, Luke Katuin

This was the first of several trips from DSU down to Omaha to visit good friend Liz at Creighton! I can’t remember how many of these trips we did over the years, but this was the first and most memorable.

Patrick, Luke, Casey and I met up in Omaha shortly after my first season at Valleyfair.

20. Tucson, AZ, February 2003

Who: Me and Brandon Hanson

Brandon and I drove all the way from South Dakota to southern Arizona for spring break sophomore year of college to visit old friend Gloria Colchado and family. We went to Nogales, Mexico for a night, hit up some spring training games, and stopped in Vegas on the way home.

Our experience at the BioDome wasn’t anything like the Pauly Shore movie.

21. Sandusky, OH, June 2003

Who: Me, Justin Springer, Libby Boggess, Jeff Gwost

I was invited to join Springer, Gwost and Libby for a road trip to our sister park Cedar Point while working at Valleyfair one summer. Springer’s car broke down in Rockford, Illinois, otherwise it was a great time spending several days at the country’s best amusement park.

The only time in my life Ohio has been the destination for a trip.

22. Omaha, NE, October 2003

Who: Me, Colin, Mike Carlson, Joe Allen, Amy Adelman, many others

The second trip down to Omaha featured quite a few more Valleyfair alums, I think! The weekend was spent hanging out with Liz’s roommates, thrift store shopping, and some pretty awful hangovers.

23. Omaha, NE, February 2004

Who: Me, Travis Bolton, Jason LaPlant, Patrick Lynch, many others

I guess it was right back to Omaha yet again for a large group of friends spring semester of junior year of college!

The gang out at the Omaha bars. God those are some great sunglasses, Jason.

24. Las Vegas, NV, February 2004

Who: Me, Jason LaPlant, Liz Burke, Patrick Lynch, Travis Bolton

Junior year’s spring break trip was another road trip from the Midwest to the southwest. Liz, Jason, Patrick, Travis and I embarked on what I consider the best road trip of my life and one that would be nearly impossible to top. We spent nights in Denver and Moab, Utah on the way and got into lots of trouble in Vegas.

Liz and I visit the Grand Canyon.

25. Detroit, MI & Toronto, ON, February 2005

Who: Me, Jason LaPlant, Jake Drotzman, Brad Feeney, Craig Karjalainen

On our senior year spring break, Jason, Craig, Feeney, Drotzman and I drove from Madison to Detroit to visit Liz Burke who was living there for a year. We hopped the border to Windsor for a night, and eventually made our way all the way up to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The gang in downtown Detroit.

26. Milwaukee, WI, June 2006

Who: Me, Patrick Lynch, Steve Carlson, Andrew Kartak, Jim Woolsey

I traveled from Minneapolis to Milwaukee with Patrick, Steve, Andrew and Jim for the annual Twins-Brewers interleague series.

Milwaukee and Kansas City feature the best tailgating I’ve experienced.

27. Kansas City, MO, August 2006

Who: Me, Derrick Geiszler, Nick Sandbulte, Patrick Lynch, Jason LaPlant, Jeff LaPlant, Chris Ahrendt, Carol Irvin

The first post-college trip was a summer weekend jaunt down to KC for a Twins-Royals series with Jason, Jeff, Patrick, Nick, Chris, Carol and Geiszler. We saw 3 games and roasted in the hot, hot sun.

Geiszler and I in the first row.

28. San Francisco, CA, January 2007

Who: Me, Aaron Pratt

My first career work-related trip was to the Macworld Expo in San Francisco with Aaron Pratt. We were in town for almost five whole days and I think Aaron regretted traveling with a young single 24-year-old. Every night after the show I went out and got crazy and came back to the room puking at 3am.

Aaron manning our sad little Microboards booth.

29. Rolla, ND, March 2007

Who: Me, Jason LaPlant, Patrick Lynch

Patrick, Jason and I made the pilgrimage from Minneapolis up to Rolla, a small town on the Canadian border, to visit old Valleyfair alum Hot Lunch.

Back in 2007 I guess you were able to just walk over the Canada border.

30. Las Vegas, NV, April 2007

Who: Me and a bunch of Microboards colleagues

My second work trip with Microboards was the NAB trade show, where I helped set up the booth and speak to exhibit-goers. But mostly I just raised hell and had a lot of fun on the company dime. Those were the days!

Dinner at Top of the World at the Stratosphere.

31. New York, NY & Washington, DC, August 2007

Who: Me, Chris Walsh, Nick Sandbulte

Walsh, Nick and I flew from Minneapolis to Newark and enjoyed the 4th of July holiday in NYC, taking in plenty of attractions including a Twins-Yankees game. Walsh departed early and Nick and I took a train to DC where Uncle Brian picked us up and took us to a Nationals game, and later his cabin in Virginia.

Obligatory staged subway murder photo.

32. Two Harbors, MN, January 2008

Who: Me, Lauren, a bunch of Lauren’s friends

Lauren makes her debut on this list with our winter trip to the Huseby cabin in northern Minnesota with record cold temps surging through the area. We snowshoed to the cabin in the dead of night and huddled around a fire to keep warm over the few days.

Some very frigid temps way up north.

33. Milwaukee, WI, May 2008

Who: Me, Lauren, Walsh, Sarah

Lauren, Sarah, Walsh and I road tripped through heavily flooded Wisconsin to take in a couple Twins-Brewers games. I was viciously ill upon departure from food poisoning and never should have gone.

Twins vs Brewers… after literally 6+ hours of tailgating.

34. Chicago, IL, June 2008

Who: Me, Lauren

Lauren and I took a very abrupt, surprise trip to Chicago for Yosh Kowano’s retirement celebration at Wrigley Field. Yosh was war buddies with Lauren’s grandfather.

Guests of honor at Wrigley Field!

35. Las Vegas & San Francisco, January 2009

Who: Me, Lauren, Josh Kleve, Barry King

Lauren and I vacationed to Las Vegas the day after New Years after finding some great air and hotel rates, and then parted ways as she returned to Minneapolis and I continued on to work a trade show in San Francisco.

No photo description available.
Me, Sinbad, Barry King and Josh Kleve in San Francisco.

36. Lutsen, MN, October 2009

Who: Me, Lauren

The first of two honeymoon trips, this one immediately followed the wedding festivities. Lauren and I drove up to the Lutsen Resort and Lodge the day after the wedding and enjoyed the great outdoors in brisk northern Minnesota weather.

Days after the wedding up in Lutsen, MN. Highly recommend!

37. Las Vegas, NV, January 2010

Who: Me and a bunch of Microboards co-workers, plus Jeff LaPlant, Patrick Lynch

The infamous “Market Price” trip was a Microboards trade show where I was invited along to work the booth and intentionally act like a jackass to a company that had previously wronged us. This was also the trip where I met the famed Bart! It is safe to say that was a life-changing trip.

Shin, John and I out to a very fancy dinner.

38. Ocho Rios, Jamaica, January 2010

Who: Me, Lauren

Our second honeymoon trip was really supposed to be our “real” trip but was intentionally delayed until a time when we would enjoy it more—the dead of winter in Minnesota. We were there for 8 days, marking a very busy January 2010.

Second honeymoon in Jamaica.

39. Niagara Falls, NY/ON, June 2010

Who: Me, Lauren

Lauren and I flew into Buffalo and the drove up to Niagara Falls for a long weekend for Lauren’s old college sorority sister Daphne’s wedding.

These damn rapids blocked our view of what I guess was supposed to be Niagara Falls.

40. Pierre, SD, July 2010

Who: Me, Jason LaPlant

Jason and I drove from Minneapolis to Pierre for the Matt Hanson wedding, for which I was hired as the photographer. This is probably on the cusp of what constitutes a trip or not, but damn it if I am counting Rolla than I must also count Pierre.

The trip involved more than just a wedding.

41. Toronto, ON, August 2010

Who: Me, Lauren

It was right back to Ontario for the second time in 3 months, this time for Lauren’s other sorority friend Joselyn’s wedding. While there we took in a Blue Jays game and toured the city a bit.

Not sure I’ve had or seen a Steamwhistle beer since then!

42. Las Vegas, NV, April 2011

Who: Me and a bunch of Microboards colleagues

My final work trip at Microboards was another NAB trade show in Las Vegas. I was a late addition to the booth staff and flew out at the last minute on a Monday.

The company was known for some after-show antics.

43. New York & Boston, May 2011

Who: Me, Lauren

My second New York trip was a week-long trip with Lauren that extended up into Boston via train. We took in a Mets game and did all the touristy stuff in New York including a taping of Letterman. In Boston we saw the Twins play the Red Sox and did the Cheers bar and Freedom Trail.

We decided to dress up for a nice lunch and a taping of Letterman.

44. Austin, TX, May 2011

Who: Me… first solo trip??

I flew from Minneapolis down to Austin to do four interviews in a single day. We were throwing around the idea of moving away from Minneapolis for a year or two for the hell of it. I spent two nights and declared the city a winner.

I only took 3 pictures on that first fateful trip to Austin.

45. Houston, TX, September 2011

Who: Me, Lauren

Our first trip as Austin residents was down to Houston, where we stayed with great uncle Larry and took in an Astros game.

May be an image of 2 people
I got my hair cut at as Astros game. Sweet deal!

46. Minneapolis & Carpenter, SD, December 2011

Who: Me, Lauren

Our first trip back to Minneapolis as Austin residents was an extended holiday trip to both MN and SD. I quickly learned that trips back to MN weren’t all boozing with the old buds!

Look at these little stinkers. Just look at them!

47. Chicago, IL, January 2012

Who: Me, Shenea, Natalie, Patrick

Callaway sent me and three others out to Chicago to be trained in on our new ESP, Responsys. That was back in the day when companies did on-site trainings. We went to a Bulls game and did a little other exploring.

Of course I turned our email training trip into a pro sports outing. Suns @ Bulls

48. Arlington, TX, July 2012

Who: Me, Lauren, Colin

Hot Lunch came to visit us in Austin, and we drove up to DFW to see the Twins-Rangers series which included the epic deafening clap of thunder still talked about today.

Every fan’s dream, to run out of the big Dallas star.

49. Minneapolis, MN, August 2012

Who: Me, Lauren

Lauren and I returned to Minnesota primarily for Kayla and Vincent’s wedding in Rogers, MN, but turned it into a longer trip and caught up with lots of family and friends.

Steady as she goes, Steve!

50. Port Aransas, TX, March 2013

Who: Me, Lauren

There was a big gap before our next trip to Port A, down on the Gulf Coast, where we had a nice seaside motel and roamed the cold beach. Bart by a bizarre coincidence happened to be there at the exact same time.

Nothing like driving an Impala right out onto the beach!

51. Boerne, TX, April 2013

Who: Me, Lauren, Rob and Elizabeth, Duane and Emily

We joined the Andersons and Viviritos for a crazy camping trip to a campground that featured zoo animals wandering the property, including giraffes and camels.

Not sure if this place still exists, but I think not.

52. Carpenter, SD, April 2013

Who: Me

I made a fairly random trip back to Carpenter to meet new niece Adrienne but got stuck in major weather delays in Chicago and Minneapolis first.

The Krogman cousins were excited to see me back in the day.

53. San Francisco & Napa, CA, May 2013

Who: Me, Shenea, Lauren

I traveled to San Fran for another email conference, and Lauren joined me at the end of the trip and we drove up to Napa Valley for a few days and hit up some fun vineyards.

Rockies @ Giants

54. Nisswa, MN, July 2013

Who: Me and a bunch of bachelor partiers

As Walsh’s best man, I organized a guys’ trip to a northern Minnesota resort on a lake. Unfortunately, temps were in the 50s and it was a little too chilly for much lake stuff.

Ay, ay, Cap’ Feeney!

55. St. Paul, MN, September 2013

Who: Me, Lauren

Two months later we road-tripped from Austin up to the Twin Cities for the Walsh wedding, where we were sidetracked with some dog and car issues. On the way home we stopped in St Louis for a Cardinals game.

Best man and bridesmaid

56. Las Vegas, NV, January 2014

Who: Me, Bart

I ventured out to Vegas with Bart for a fun trip that centered around the CES show. We tore up the town and hung out with Dusty.

Bart and I meet superhunk Tyson Beckford.

57. Minneapolis, MN, April 2014

Who: Me, Lauren

We returned to Minneapolis for Lauren’s baby shower, while her dad hosted a drinking party for the gentlemen. We got out to a few Twins-Dodgers games as well.

A chilly day for baseball means FEWER fans at the park.

58. San Francisco, CA, July 2014

Who: Me, Shenea

My fifth lifetime trip to San Francisco was another email conference for work. We hit up the town pretty hard, and were treated to free John Legend and B-52s concerts.

Somehow this B-52s concert is the best picture I got from this trip.

59. Minneapolis & Carpenter, SD, October 2014

Who: Me, Lauren, John

Baby Johnny made his Midwest debut at just two months old, traveling to meet his relatives on both sides of the family and even showing up to a Halloween carnival as baby Batman.

All 7 grandkids… pre-Auden and Edie.

60. Houston, TX, May 2015

Who: Me, Lauren, John

Little John’s first MLB game was an Astros-Blue Jays game on a Sunday afternoon. We drove down and met up with Joe and Krista.

John’s first MLB game… Astros vs Blue Jays

61. Quad Cities, IA, June 2015

Who: Me, Lauren, John

Lauren’s brother’s wedding was held in the Quad Cities area. We flew into Chicago and toured the city for a day, then drove over for the wedding festivities.

Stopped in Chicago for a day en route to the big wedding.

62. Galveston, TX, July 2015

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Brian, Kristin, Lexi

Brian Mego and I put our heads together and decided to surprise the wives with a little getaway trip. It was ungodly hot at the beach and rental home, but we made the best of it.

105º on the beach is NOT the way to go.

63. Minneapolis & Carpenter, SD, August 2015

Who: Me, Lauren, John

Our next visit back home was for John’s 1st birthday and a family photo session. We celebrated both in Minnesota and then out at the farm.

Happy first birthday to John!

64. Carpenter, SD, October 2015

Who: Me

Needing a little reprieve from the demands of fatherhood, I took a solo trip up to South Dakota on somewhat of a whim and surprised everyone.

One of my final photos with Grandma Bell… a memorable one!

65. Playa del Carmen, Mexico, December 2015

Who: Me, Lauren, Walsh, Sarah

Aunt Alice flew down to Austin to stay with John, while Lauren and I traveled to Mexico for a holiday getaway with the Walshes.

3/4 of the old Blaisdell Ave roommates.

66. Las Vegas, NV, April 2016

Who: Me, Shenea

Yet another Responsys email conference, but this time in Las Vegas. This was possibly the last time I partied this hard, staying out til 5am at a dance club with our email account managers. The next night was a free Goo Goo Dolls concert. It’s perks like this that helps justify having gone into corporate America.

I met Fabio in Vegas.

67. Seattle, WA, May 2016

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Mom, Dad

We flew up to Seattle for the first time ever, meeting up with Mom and Dad for a 4-night stay. We did a lot of the touristy stuff and saw a Twins-Mariners game.

Of everywhere I’ve visited, I like Seattle’s weather the best.

68. Germany, September 2016

Who: Me, Lauren

Aunt Alice flew down again to stay with John for eight whole nights, while Lauren and I flew to Berlin. We did all the touristy stuff, then rented a car and drove to Nuremburg, and then traveled down to Munich for the real Oktoberfest. Definitely a bucket list trip!

Slamming liters of beer at 10am… nothing like it!

69. Minneapolis & Carpenter, SD, December 2016

Who: Me, Lauren, John

The longest trip of my life to date (16 days) was partially out of extreme caution as a winter storm forced our trip up a couple days, but still, it was a very long trip. We took in our first Vikings game at US Bank Stadium, then drove out to SD for the Glanzer Christmas stuff, then returned to MN for the Poulter Christmas celebrations.

John and Hadley take the snowmobile for a spin.

70. Fort Myers, FL, March 2017

Who: Me, Walsh, Tim, Pete, Feeney

The Minnesota Steamers fantasy baseball league decided to do a destination draft for the first time, venturing to the site of Twins spring training.

I got way too much sun, but we had some fun.

71. Houston, TX, July 2017

Who: Me, Lauren, John

We returned to Houston to see the Twins play the Astros, and crashed with the Allens.

Twins actually beat the Astros, en route to Houston’s first title*.

72. Carolina Beach, NC, July 2017

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Walsh, Sarah, Lorenzo

Wanting to visit my uncle’s brewery in Wilmington, NC, we again teamed up with the Walshes for a big family trip filled with lots of beach time.

Little John enjoys the great Atlantic waves.

73. Minneapolis, MN, August 2017

Who: Me

I made my first solo trip to Minneapolis to catch up with friends that normally got passed over on family visits. A large group of us took in a pair of Twins-Diamondbacks games.

I missed Minnesota a lot.

74. Las Vegas, NV, September 2017

Who: Me

I traveled alone to Las Vegas to take in Bart and Stacey’s destination wedding.

Happy wedding Bart!

75. Carpenter, SD, November 2017

Who: Me, John

It had been many years since I had been home for Thanksgiving, so John and I went together and gave Lauren some nice time alone.

Protect America’s CEO was tickled with this picture.

76. Minneapolis, MN, April 2018

Who: Me, Lauren, John

We returned to Minneapolis for just a weekend to take in Matt and Calla’s baby shower. I helped organize an outing to a Twins-Reds game for the men.

A quick trip to MN featured a Twins game.

77. Denver, CO & Black Hills, SD, May 2018

Who: Me, Lauren, John

The first real road trip with John was a Memorial week adventure from Austin to Denver and then up to the Black Hills. The Glanzers drove out and we rented an amazing 18-person cabin near Lead.

John’s first brush with a national monument.

78. Minneapolis, MN, August 2018

Who: Me

My “last hurrah” of sorts before Baby #2 arrived was a trip up to the Twin Cities with Austin friends Bart, Mike, and Julio. We got very drunk during the daytime and then took in a Twins-Royals game. The next day a massive group of old friends got together and did it all again.

16 years after my first year at Valleyfair, these 4 supervisors were still among my closest friends!

79. Arlington, TX, September 2018

Who: Me, John

On a total whim, I woke up one morning and took John up to Arlington to see a Twins-Rangers game. We wound up spending the night at the behest of Lauren, who clearly wanted some alone time to organize before baby’s arrival.

Good lord it was hot out. So effing hot.

80. Tulsa, OK, December 2018

Who: Me

My first visit to my new company’s headquarters in Tulsa was to meet everyone for the first time and an insanely over-the-top Christmas party. It was at this moment I knew I loved this company and never wanted to leave.

The best company party I’ve ever been to. It will be hard to top.

81. Minneapolis, MN, December 2018

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie

My twelfth trip back to Minnesota since moving to Austin was another split Minnesota-South Dakota trip, which started with a fun family tour of US Bank Stadium.

On the Vikings’ field.

82. Tulsa, OK, January 2019

Who: Me

I returned to Tulsa for the second straight month, this time purely for business purposes.

Tulsa never seemed to be very kind to me in the mornings.

83. San Antonio, TX, May 2019

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie

The family rented a suite at a resort and hung out over Memorial Day weekend. While I wasn’t in the bathroom with a viral infection, we were attempting to enjoy the lazy river.

We spent a lot of the weekend in the room because of my grave illness.

84. Tulsa-Nebraska City-Vermillion-Watertown-Minneapolis-Galena, August 2019

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie

Days before John began kindergarten, he and I set out on a long road trip through the central US, and one of the most memorable trips of my life! We met up with Lauren and Edie in Minneapolis and drove to Galena, Illinois for her family’s get-together, then raced home at breakneck speed for the first day of school.

The Glanzers in Galena.

85. Tulsa, OK, August 2019

Who: Me, Travis, Bart

Not long after returning from the big road trip, I was called upon to visit Tulsa again for work. People sure thought nothing of putting me on a plane to Tulsa pre-COVID.

These three fellas are all long gone from my company. But we had some good times together!

86. Louisville, KY, September 2019

Who: Me, Walsh, Nick, Luke

Luke’s surprise bachelor party destination was Louisville, a great choice. We took in Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger museum, an escape room, a bourbon tour and more.

Happy final days of bachelorhood, Lukey!

87. Des Moines, IA, October 2019

Who: Me

As a groomsman in Luke’s wedding, I returned to the skies to Iowa just a month after the bachelor party.

Wedding-goers in Des Moines celebrate the new lovebirds.

88. Tulsa, OK, December 2019

Who: Me, Bart, Tyler

Bart, Tyler and I road-tripped in my van from Austin to Tulsa to take in the work Christmas party, which once again proved epic.

Ask Ryan and Bart how to do that.

89. New York, NY, December 2019

Who: Me, Lauren

Aunt Alice came back to Austin to watch both kids while Lauren and I flew to New York for a holiday getaway, hoping to partake in a very Christmassy atmosphere. We saw Hamilton on Broadway and did a lot of bar-hopping.

Rolf’s was the most Christmassy thing I’ve ever seen.

90. Las Vegas, NV, January 2020

Who: Me

I was somewhat inexplicably added to the company roster for Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, and even went out a day early to celebrate Bart’s last hurrah before fatherhood.

Bart, Chris Hoch and I riding rides at the Top of the World.

91. Tulsa, OK, February 2020

Who: Me

Ah, the last trip back to the office before we knew what was about to hit us. I visited the office with Bart for some reason or another.

Co-worker Heidi’s bar in Tulsa.

92. Greenville, SC, March 2020

Who: Me

The company memo said non-essential work travel was to halt, but I proceeded anyway and went to Greenville for the Unspam email conference.

Greenville was a very fun city to visit for a couple days.

93. Wimberley, TX, March 2020

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie, Brian, Kristin, Lexi

While coronavirus was turning our lives upside-down, we proceeded on with our regularly scheduled spring break getaway with the Megos to nearby Wimberley. Hey, it was a ranch isolated from society; it was probably safer than being home!

10/10 Airbnb rental in Hill Country. Would return.

94. Carpenter, SD, August 2020

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie

Traveling mid-pandemic was a risk, but we flew to South Dakota anyway. Again, we figured flight aside, a week on the Glanzer farm would be safer than being in the city!

Amidst COVID, this trip did wonders for our mental health.

95. Carpenter, SD, September 2020

Who: Me, John

Yep, a month later John and I flew right back to SD for the Betty Bell memorial service at the farm.

Grandma Bell’s memorial service featured some ice cream for the great-grandkids

96. New Orleans, LA & Gulf Shores, AL, March 2021

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie, Mom

Grandma Marcie flew down to Austin and we road-tripped to beautiful Gulf Shores for the kids’ spring break, with stops in New Orleans on both ends.

A little beach time is just what the Glanzers needed after COVID!

97. Carpenter, SD, March 2021

Who: Me

I returned to Carpenter fully vaccinated to celebrate our class’s 20-year reunion, held at the local cafe.

Almost half of my graduating class reunited 20 years later.

98. Arlington, TX, June 2021

Who: Me, Lauren, John, Edie

My Father’s Day request was to go see a Rangers-Twins game at the new stadium. And at the time, we thought COVID was a thing of the past, so it was extra fun to travel fully maskless.

Our trip to the Rangers-Twins game was highlighted by a Sano HR ball during BP!

99. Tulsa, OK, June 2021

Who: Me

Days after Arlington, I flew (and drove) up to Tulsa for the first time in over a year, meeting many of my new coworkers for the first time.

Nothing like a Tuesday afternoon happy hour to celebrate the once-thought end of COVID!

100. Little Rock-St Louis-Chicago-Galena-Minneapolis-Carpenter-Omaha-Kansas City-Tulsa-Dallas-Austin, August 2021

Who: TBD!

Barring some unforeseen incident in the next few days, this trip will be #100, according to my photographic memory.

101. Fredericksburg, TX, December 2021

102. Greenville, SC, January 2022

103. Kalamazoo-Chicago, March 2022

104. Tulsa, June 2022

105. Washington-Baltimore, June 2022

106. South Dakota-Minnesota, July 2022

107. New Mexico, December 2022

108. Nashville, February 2023