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It’s nearly the weekend once again, only my Saturday morning will be spent here at the office, counting inventory bright and early at 7am.  The first time I was involved in an inventory count here was April 2006.  Afterwards, we were all treated to breakfast at the Legion, but things got a little wild when we started ordering drinks.  I don’t remember which salesman it was, but they kept the tab open for another seven or eight hours.  To this day I’ve never been so heavily intoxicated at 1pm.  It seems like someone got in big trouble for that and it no longer is tolerated.  But, we still get free breakfast and it pays time-and-a-half. 

This week I’ve made a real effort with the household weight loss challenge.  Sunday I rode my bike in place for 30 minutes.  Monday I walked three miles over break and played racquetball with the gang.  Tuesday Lauren and I went to the gym with Jeff.  Wednesday I jogged around the neighborhood.  Thursday was more racquetball with the gang.  I’ve also paid a little attention to my calorie intake and have cut out all beer consumption. Lauren and I agreed that if we needed to drink during the week, we’d have red wine because of its natural antioxidants.  So far I have lost 0 pounds.

Tonight, Lauren and I are back out on the hunt for a wedding venue as we check out another mansion in the neighborhood.  I’ve also looked into a couple places you wouldn’t normally think of, like the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and Walker Art Museum, but so far nothing has really jumped out.  Places fill up pretty quick, even a year in advance, so we would like to get things decided asap.  I tell ya, if we were doing the ceremony around Carpenter it would be a lot less to worry about!  Of course that would mean the majority of our guests would have to drive out to Carpenter and find places to stay in neighboring villages.  Lauren’s Toronto friends might be hopelessly lost.  Or, like we mentioned before, we take the money we would have spent on the wedding and charter buses out to Carpenter for the Minneapolis guests! 

Speaking of Carpenter, it sounds like the Glanzers may be making a trip to visit next weekend.  The Poulters mentioned they have been looking forward to meeting their daugher’s future in-laws, and it sounds like they’ll finally get to meet.  For Mom and Dad, it will be just like the time they met the Krogmans, except we aren’t 17 and we won’t be discussing how Lauren will care for a baby while going to school.  I kid, I kid.  Not sure what plans will entail just yet, but I’ll wager that Mom has a trip to Crate & Barrel and Ikea on her to-do list.

Remember the other day when I posted that Sonic Earz video on YouTube?  Turns out I’m not the only one who finds it so damn funny.  Dusty Hovde called last night to tell me he’d been searching for that video for six months and was thrilled to see I’d posted it. Seriously, that old man deserved some sort of commercial Emmy for his work.

And for your amusement, here’s a new video I saw yesterday on the FAIL Blog.  Wait for the little girl to wander out…

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