Our Day at Wrigley

Lauren and I just got back to her aunt and uncle’s house in Lake Zurich, IL after a pretty cool day of rubbing shoulders with the Chicago Cubs.

We left Minneapolis after I got off work yesterday and drove all the way to the northern suburbs of Chicago by 1am.  I drove to Madison, WI, and Lauren drove from there.  The Poulters accommodated us with a very nice basement, which is basically a full apartment, complete with stocked fridge and tons of movies and games and stuff.

Today Lauren’s aunt, uncle, cousins, grandma, and us left for the Cubs game at 11 and made it to the ballpark just as the Poulter’s family friend Yosh Kawano threw out the ceremonial first pitch.  He and Lauren’s grandpa were old war buddies.  Despite having fought for the Americans in WWII, his family was sent to internment camps.  The Wrigley family, who Yosh worked for, was so appalled after learning this that they gave Yosh a guaranteed lifetime no-firing contract with the Cubs, and for 65 years he has been the team equipment manager.

Wrigley Field was all we could have hoped for.  Lauren and I even donned some new Cubs shirts for the occasion, though I constantly checked the Twins score.  The Cubs lost in humiliating defeat to the Orioles, 11-4.  The most surprising part for me?  The fact that the Cubs concession prices were so much cheaper than the Twins.

Afterwards, we were on the “guests only” list to get into Yosh’s reception at Harry Caray’s restaurant.  We were a little disappointed that no players showed up, but lots of front office personnel were there, including Harry Caray’s wife Dutchie.  I loaded up on free appetizers and took full advantage of the open bar.

It’s only 9 but I’m pretty much out for the night.  We have another big day tomorrow as we’ll try to score some tickets to the White Sox game vs. the Cubs on the South Side!

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