CSP Runs Streak to 2

Move over, Red Sox Nation!  Captain Safety Planet Nation is on the rise after a 12-4 victory Tuesday.  That makes two victories in the last eight days for CSP, where we’ve outscored opponents 28-11.  Besides some very tough luck by Casey Dahl (0-for-3 with the bases loaded, lining out and fouling out deep to left), the team came together to overcome a big 1-0 first inning deficit and defeat the shorthanded Marrow’ners.

Personally, I went 2-for-3 with two doubles, a run, RBI, and walk.  Yes, my first walk of the year in softball.  I wanted to swing, but the pitches were not exactly hittable.  I also pitched four innings, allowing three runs, before handing it over to Walsh, who picked up the save.

Last night I drove to Granite Falls to meet Mom and Dad and exchange cars.  We went out for dinner at the Prairie’s Edge Casino and did some moderate gambling.  Now I can drive to Chicago and back this week, as long as I can get the car to start!  I seem to put a jinx on the well-being of any car I step foot in.  This car wouldn’t start for me tonight when we tried to go to softball.

No one, not even critical co-workers, can say anything bad about the work I’ve done this week.  It has been a brutally busy week so far and I have had but a few minutes of down time.  Go ahead, check my Internet browsing history!  I haven’t had time to do anything other than come up with new designs for the company website.

Plans are basically finalized for the 4th of July weekend.  The gang is heading down to Cannon Falls for a camping/tubing excursion.  Coming for sure are Walsh, Sarah, Lauren, and me.  Anyone else is welcome!  I will be taking off Saturday, however, to return home for the Willow Lake 125th birthday celebration.  Maybe Lauren will accompany me?

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