The kids’ 9-day Thanksgiving break is mercifully nearing its end. It has given me a newfound respect for the full-time stay-at-home parent. I could not do that. I was on solo parenting duty all day Wednesday and Friday, and also co-parenting duty Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, and today. Lauren had to step in for an afternoon of solo parenting Saturday when I fell ill. The kids were babysat all day Monday and Tuesday.

I am a much bigger fan of taking the kids out of the house and doing stuff. To me, that is both easier and more enjoyable. I can really only do about an hour in the house with both kids before losing my mind and being tempted by the liquor cabinet. Everywhere I went with the kids over this break, I repeatedly heard from people things like “wow, you’re brave letting these two run around a mall!” or “you’re so patient with these two!” Outside of the house, that is mostly true, as long as it isn’t at a restaurant.

Among the dad-only kids outings over the break were a trip to Costco, bowling, a visit to my new office, a trip to the zoo, and a visit to the mall to see Santa. The kids were both very good during all of these outings, though Edie proved to be too young to let run around a bowling alley.

This morning, the final day of the long break, we went out for breakfast at Snooze. Edie was having a meltdown, angrily swatting away food, screaming, hitting, etc. After breakfast, I took her outside to run around and she seemed better. Unfortunately it was short-lived. John found a beanbag game and immediately hit Edie square in the face with a wild throw, sending her into hysteria once more. Once we got home, Edie went down for a nap. John wanted to play Uno, but began crying every time he lost a hand, or looked like he was about to lose a hand. It ended in his worst tantrum of 2019 with a screaming, flailing, bawling, kicking fit after Lauren took a single hand despite Johnny still winning overall.  He went upstairs and banged on walls, slammed doors, etc until he woke Edie up.

We are ready for the kids to return to school!

A mongrel hound visits ConsumerAffairs’ new Austin HQ.
Our house after some Christmas lighting.
Edie bowling at Highland Lanes.
Edie and I after setting up the tree early—November 23!
Crazy kids at Costco.
Our house on a nice fall morning.
John and Edie visit our new Austin office.
John feeds barnyard animals at the zoo.
The family before the Turkey Trot.
Me in line for the Turkey Trot 5-mile run.
Lauren and the kids did a 1-mile walk with John on Lauren’s back.
The kids bring the goods to the Friendsgiving at the Plumpe house.
John got a new Mario Uno game and loves to play it unless he’s losing in which case he will throw a massive tantrum.
The kids meet Santa, though John was not convinced it was the real Santa.
John tries the VR thing at the mall
Edie makes her mall merry-go-round debut
Edie and neighbor Dani at Thanksgiving