It was a week of milestones—our tenth wedding anniversary on the 10th, and Edie’s first birthday on the 13th!

Our anniversary celebration was so lavish and crazy, you guys. A night of utter bliss and relaxation. No, I took Johnny to teeball practice and we were in bed by 9:45. Not even a dinner out or anything. They say the tenth anniversary gift to each other is supposed to be aluminum, so we actually followed the rules and splurged on Apple Watches, which in fact are made of aluminum. Now when I get an incoming call, my iPhone, Macbook, and Apple Watch all ring simultaneously with different tones, which I find amusing. We have discussed trying to take a short trip at a later date, if we can find someone to come down and watch the kids for a couple days.

Little Sis turned 1 on Sunday, and again, there was nary a celebration due to illness and lack of guests available to attend. Well, that’s not totally true. We went to Jardin Corona the night before and dedicated it to Edie’s birthday. It was an absolute clusterfuck. The kids were just insane the entire meal. There is always a ton of food on the ground after a meal out with those two, but this was alarming. You probably saw my Facebook post, but yes, Edie somehow got onto the table and walked through fajita fixings, causing us to wrap her sour cream-filled shoes in napkins and then forgetting one at the restaurant.

As for the actual birthday, Lauren worked tirelessly for hours baking a smash cake, which Edie refused to taste, and definitely did not smash. You can watch some of the birthday video footage here and here. After the “party” disbanded, I took Edie grocery shopping at Whole Foods where she started to shiver and then vomited all over both of us. Poor sick baby!

Edie’s favorites at age 1 are as follows: TV remotes, iPhones, country breakfast items (hashbrowns and sausage especially), climbing stairs, blueberries, most any food in a pouch, tearing through cupboards and the pantry, her new big kid chair from Grandma Marcie, and of course big brother. Her least favorites: having diaper changed, laying on her back for any reason for any amount of time, getting in car seats, having remotes and phones taken away from her, Daddy not picking her up within a given time frame, and people leaving her sight.

I will say, my parenting style has changed dramatically in Year 1 from Kid 1 to Kid 2. I imagine that’s normal, as first-time parents don’t know what they’re doing and are much more cautious and careful. But yeah, if baby Johnny so much as sniffled I’d break the door down and coddle him back to sleep even if it took all night. Edie has to bawl pretty hard before I’ll budge. Possibly as a result, Edie is a far superior sleeper than John was at one year old. As I mentioned above, though, Edie’s disgust for having her diaper changed or getting dressed is getting really old. She twists and turns and fights it, screaming and thrashing the entire time. John hated getting dressed too, but he didn’t fight it quite that hard. Edie has been walking for a good two months already, whereas John was well over a year old. And I believe John said his first word before turning 1, whereas Edie has yet to say anything beyond “dadadada” or “mamamama”. We didn’t expect it to be all exactly the same, just observations!

Anyway… thank you to everyone for the Edie presents! Johnny really enjoyed them!