Edie is two weeks old now, so it’s time for a check-in! Here are some quick factoids and nuggets of info about the second and final Glanzer child.

  • I am remembering that newborns aren’t particularly interesting beyond their cuteness. Sleep, eat, poop, sit, stare, etc. Sorry Edie, it’s not you. It’s all newborns.
  • Edie had her first and second doctor appointments and all is checking out. At her first appointment, they were pleased to inform us she had lost only a tiny amount of her birth weight. We expressed concern that she hadn’t pooped in the three days since we had been discharged from the hospital, and they put some sort of suppository up her keister, and she proceeded to spew poo all over the place for the next fifteen minutes. I literally asked them to weigh her again, as that initial celebratory weight clearly would go down a few ounces.
  • She’s quite the eater. She nurses a lot of the time, but probably gets the bulk of her sustenance from bottles. She basically groans and screams while suckling from a bottle, possibly because the milk isn’t coming out fast enough… who knows.
  • She is wildly nocturnal. I know, many babies are that way at first. She seems to be taking it to an extreme. If the sun is out, she can’t be woken for anything. Between 11pm and 5am, she’s pretty much wired. I have been getting up with her for feedings in the middle of the night and having zero luck getting her to go back down unless I resort to letting her sleep on my chest. It’s effective, but risky… what if I roll over and smother her??!
  • Johnny is a great big brother for the most part, but doesn’t seem to comprehend that babies are fragile. He is asking if he can “roll baby off the couch”. I left Edie sit in a seat at the top of the staircase while I grabbed something this morning, and when I came out of the room, Johnny was pushing her seat towards the staircase to see if it could slide down the steps. Good god, glad I came back when I did.
  • Johnny’s sleep, like ours, is suffering immensely. He woke up last night around 1am and came in our room asking if it was time to go downstairs. I couldn’t get him back in his bed, so he wound up bringing his blankets and pillow in our room to sleep on the floor. After Edie woke up for a 3am feeding, Johnny was back up too, and again I couldn’t get him to go back to bed, so, in a daze, I told him he could lay on my chest like a baby, to which he happily accepted. And we slept like that til morning. He’s a huge 4-year-old.
  • The only non-doctor outings for baby so far have been to Johnny’s school. She has ridden along to drop-off three days in a row, and came back again for his PT conference, and again a fifth time for the Fall Festival Friday night.
  • The first two weeks of Edie’s life have featured unbelievably cold, rainy weather in Austin. It rained so much the entire city went into a water boil notice which is still in effect a full week later. We have to use only bottled water or boil water before using it because the main water source became so contaminated with the flooding. Wild. It does seem to be back to normal as of today, though, with 80s.
  • As for me, I’m very sleep deprived, which isn’t great since I have a lot of work to do—at home, for my full-time job, and a moderately sizable freelance project. It takes everything in me to last beyond 9pm most nights. Working from home is nice in that my sleepiness won’t result in me driving off the road en route to work!
  • Lauren is by far doing the bulk of Edie work, like a 9:1 ratio. I’ll give a bottle, change a diaper, put in my two hours overnight, but it’s mostly momma:daughter. I, on the other hand, am tending to virtually every Johnny duty, from bedtime to morning routine to school drop-offs and pick-ups to play.
A Saturday afternoon rest… not snooze. Just rest. How else would I have gotten this selfie?
A Saturday morning jaunt to the park. Edie slept through the whole walk.
Here’s a four-year-old legitimately helping stain the flower bed.
Edie (right) and next-door neighbor Dani met last weekend and hit it off! Our good friends and neighbors the Plumpes had their girl two days after us.
The kids are ready for football Sunday! Edie even sports Johnny’s old Chargers gear for the 8:30am London game vs Tennessee.
A big bro feeding. He sure does like to help make the bottles.
There’s that bebe girl.
Big bro gets a cookie for letting me comb his hair before school.
Edie tries to nurse from a dog. FAIL!!