I’m so pumped to get knocked out with anesthesia and have my neck sliced open on Thursday morning! No really, I am. This nerve thing just continues to get worse and worse and worse. Every night is harder than the last. I can’t lie down in any position without writhing in pain. I’ve moved from bed to bed to couch, taken the strong pain killer drugs, iced it, heated it… nothing helps. Like I said before, it feels like I have a migraine in my left shoulder.

We had to pay thousands out-of-pocket for the operation, but now we’ve finally met the OOP maximum and deductibles for the year, so any future operations I need will be covered by insurance. If this doesn’t work, I will be very sad.

Thursday and Friday I plan to be laid up recovering. I’ll be looking for shows to binge-watch, so send suggestions my way!

In other news, we celebrated Father’s Day early since I’ll likely be in pain or drugged up this Sunday. I decided to get takeout BBQ from a new place, Black’s, and invite some friends and neighbors over for a little backyard fun. The margaritas were flowing, the kids were running through the sprinkler, and fatherhood was celebrated by all.

Except that damn Baxter… there’s a neighbor kid who is terrified of that beagle. The very sight of him through the window makes him scream, cry, and run for his mommy. So naturally, when they came over, Baxter ran through the crowd and leaped directly into that boy’s face. So I had no choice but to lock up that dog. Why, of every person there, did he feel the need to single out the one person who is so afraid of him! Isn’t that the way it always goes.

Some of the neighbors who hung out on Sunday.
kids playing kiddie pool summer fun splashing sprinkler water
Johnny and bestie Sebastien playing in the summer sun.