I have a surgery scheduled in just eight days for this damned cervical radiculopathy. After the steroid injection didn’t have any effect at all, they gave me the option of trying another injection using a different method where the shot would go through the throat, having the surgery, or of course doing nothing. I don’t want to give the pain management doctor another $350 out-of-pocket just to try another injection that may not work that also doesn’t even really fix anything, just masks it. The neurologist, on the other hand, means a procedure that involves anesthesia and being laid up for a couple days, but should actually move the disc in the neck off that nerve and give me relief.

I’m just waiting on an estimate to see what insurance will/won’t cover before confirming or canceling it! But I probably should go through with it—I woke up with searing pain in my left shoulder that lingered into the day Sunday, and even as I sit here at the table writing this, my entire left arm is numb and tingling. Sure would be nice to put that all behind me before summer!

In other news, we’re heading to Minneapolis this weekend for a quick two-night visit. We were able to all go thanks to running across some ridiculously cheap Frontier flights. It was just $20 each one-way from AUS-MSP, and then just $59 each back. Excited to take in the Twins-Reds game Saturday!

Here’s Johnny’s fancy new haircut from Saturday.