All of my spare time and energy has gone into How To Do That this month. Thanks to partner Bart, who’s an expert online marketer, we successfully got over 540 likes on a Facebook post and another 400 on an Instagram post that helped bring some attention to the website and podcast. We had dozens of “fans” submit bad dating stories for last week’s podcast and had a live caller on the air. I’ve added Google AdSense to the website as well, which makes for a worse viewing experience, but is our only revenue source at the time. (Podcast sponsorship is available!) Right now it’s just about producing content and building up an audience.

The rest of January has been a bit of a blur. We got our hopes up yet again for a Minnesota sports team winning something and quickly had those hopes dashed. If the Vikings had beaten the Eagles, we were going to drive up to Minneapolis and soak in the Super Bowl fun, but alas… Do I need to remind you that I still have never seen a sports team I cheer for at any level in any league win a championship in anything since I began paying attention to sports in 1992? The closest example was our JV basketball team winning a single-day 8-team tournament in 2000, and the Minnesota Lynx’ recent run of success, but I can hardly call myself a real fan.

I’ve decided this year I will try to take Johnny to a different sporting event each month. Lauren is more than welcome to join us, of course, but I’m guessing a few of these outings will be just the boys. There are enough college and semi-pro teams in town to easily pull that off. For January, I took the boy to a Texas Longhorns women’s college basketball game vs. Kansas. We were handed free tickets as we entered the arena, so I felt I could justify loading up on snacks. He had a great time! February will be the Texas Stars AHL minor league hockey game.

My back and shoulder issues initially got a lot better in the first 7-10 days of January, to the point where I considered myself cured. And then out of nowhere they came back full-force. The physical therapy has not helped much, but I have been told by many that you have to be extremely patient. Well I got tired of being patient and bought an inversion table which really seemed to me like it would be helpful, what with the vertebrae separating and decompressing. In two days, no miracles, but the cost of the table was equal to a single PT appointment. I also bought a laptop couch stand of sorts that will raise my computer up to eye level while I’m chilling on the couch. I think my neck staring downward is a big strain on the neck. Acupuncture may be the next thing to try.

In Johnny news, he is basically totally potty trained now, aside from when he’s sleeping. As such, we agreed to turn his crib into a big boy bed by removing one of the rails. It has largely been successful, but when he refuses to stay in bed, I just rotate the bed 180º so the open side is pushed up against the wall, essentially turning it back into a crib. When he stays in bed all night he gets a treat in the morning. I also drove the kid all the way out to Del Valle (50 miles) for a friend’s birthday party last Saturday.

Old buddy Dobe and I were all smiles during the early parts of the Vikings-Saints game.
I drunkenly tried to destroy an inflatable Vikings helmet after they were destroyed by the Eagles.
Johnny’s first night in his big boy bed.
Johnny soaking in the experience of NCAA women’s hoops at the Erwin Center.
Johnny and his school chums wait for the pinata to break at a birthday bash.
Bart and I have invited a special guest to join our last few podcasts. Here is Carina, a much-needed female perspective on how to do things.
I bought an inversion table to help with my cervical radiculopathy.
Johnny gets yet another haircut at Sharkey’s. His hair grows like crazy.
We stopped for donuts on the way home from the haircut and he was quite amused with his blue mess.