Before I forget, here are my 2017 NFL predictions. Last year was moderately successful, picking 7 of the 12 playoff teams but very incorrectly picking the Cardinals to beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The NFL playoff teams seem so predictable right now, especially the AFC.

My most dreaded Super Bowl matchup would be the Patriots vs. Giants, so that is probably what will happen and that’s what I am predicting. But I hope my predictions are way off and we get that elusive Chargers vs. Vikings Super Bowl! Or at least something weird like Jaguars vs. Lions.

AFC East NFC East
Patriots 14-2 Cowboys 10-6
Dolphins* 9-7 Giants* 10-6
Bills 5-11 Eagles 7-9
Jets 1-15 Redskins 6-10
AFC North NFC North
Steelers 13-3 Packers 11-5
Ravens 8-8 Vikings* 10-6
Bengals 7-9 Lions 7-9
Browns 4-12 Bears 4-12
AFC South NFC South
Titans 9-7 Buccaneers 10-5-1
Texans 7-9 Falcons 9-6-1
Colts 5-11 Panthers 8-8
Jaguars 4-12 Saints 6-10
AFC West NFC West
Raiders 11-5 Seahawks 11-5
Chiefs* 10-6 Cardinals 8-8
Broncos 7-9 49ers 5-11
Chargers 5-11 Rams 4-12


Byes: Patriots (1), Steelers (2), Packers (1), Seahawks (2)

Wild Card Round: Raiders def. Dolphins, Chiefs def. Titans, Vikings def. Buccaneers, Giants def. Cowboys
Divisional Round: Patriots def. Chiefs, Steelers def. Raiders, Giants def. Packers, Seahawks def. Vikings
Conference: Patriots def. Steelers, Giants def. Seahawks
Super Bowl: Patriots def. Giants