I had a chance to sit down for a candid one-on-one interview with soon-to-be three-year-old Johnny Glanzer this afternoon. He was being very impatient and wanted it to end fast so he could get his reward of watching a quick Toy Story video on YouTube.

How are you today?
JG: I gee-gee! I gee-gee! Bwaaaaahhhhh. Gee! Gee!

What do you want to do right now?
JG: I want to watch Toy Story. Give me your phone, daddy. Toy Storyyyyyyyyy.

What presents do you want for your third birthday?
JG: A Toy Story movie and a Minions puzzle. And a Daniel Tiger birthday. Trolley and Daniel with his mom and daddy and trolley.

What’s your favorite food?
JG: I want chicken and rice. That’s my favorite food. I want Toy Story now.

Where does Mama go to work?
JG: The office.

Where does Daddy go to work?
JG: The… you told me, um… I don’t know. Toy Story now please.

What does Baxter do all day at home while we’re gone?
JG: He stays home. He stays at the house.

But what do you think he’s doing while he’s staying at home?
JG: Staying at the house. That all.

What is your favorite thing about school?
JG: Ephie.

What is something that’s really funny?
JG: Nothing. Umm… A cat… no… a scary goat getting a dog!

Any closing remarks?
JG: That’s three! That’s eight! On your shirt, daddy. Now I watch Toy Story.