Last night was classic Simpsons trivia night at a local bar, The Volstead Lounge. (By classic Simpsons they mean the good seasons… 1 through 9. The last 21 seasons are truly awful.) Once I heard about this trivia night, I started trying to recruit Austin friends who were fellow enthusiasts. I got a killer team together and then yada yada yada, every last one of them fell through except for my friend Julio. Another friend, Joe Allen, was in town for the week from Houston for work and he helped out too.

The bar had a special themed Squishee drink and a good food truck out back. I named our team after my favorite Simpsons quote: “I’m seeing double here, four Krusty’s!” from the time where the mafia saw two Krusty the Clowns and rubbed his eyes and said “I’m seeing double here” and we all expect him to say “two Krusties” but he really is seeing double and says “four Krusties.” Absolutely brilliant.

This trivia was very challenging. I thought I knew everything there was to know, but I did not. Some of the questions we missed included:

What was the name of McBain’s boat?
What was the name of Springfield’s elderly barber?
What four items did Homer pack for the family trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land?
What was the name of Mayor Quimby’s alcoholic brother who ran over Snowball I?
What did Bleeding Gums Murphy spend all his money on?
Who was pastor before Reverend Lovejoy?

Some of the more difficult questions we correctly answered included:

What movie was being spoofed in the final scene of the episode “Simpson and Delilah”?
How much money did Chester J. Lampwick receive after suing Russell Myers?
How much money did Hans Moleman request from Mr. Burns for a push-broom re-bristling?
Who was Springfield’s president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance?
What did Lyle Lanley say that “mono” and “rail” meant in Marge vs. the Monorail?

So yeah, we missed a few, we got a few. But we got a perfect score in the audio round guessing obscure character voices which kept us in the game. Joe was mostly along for the ride, but helped out where he could. In the end, we got 31 of 60 possible points, good for 8th place of the 23 teams, most of which had 5 or 6 people.

I also won a bonus round where everyone was instructed to draw their best The Office character as a Simpson. Naturally everyone tried to draw Dwight, but mine was best and I was awarded with a shot of bourbon. Woo-hoo.

So in the end it was a great time and I can’t wait until the next one. This bar does a different TV show trivia every Wednesday night. Upcoming shows include Friends, 30 Rock, The Office, Games of Thrones, and more. Could be a regular thing!