Mom and Dad visited last week for a few days, but it wasn’t your typical trip where we go show the out-of-towners all the fun Austin sites. After a long day of flights Saturday, we put ’em right to work! Well, technically they offered to help with some projects… just not sure we envisioned our big project would occupy virtually every waking second of daylight for the duration of their stay. Another key to their visit was driving my old Impala back to South Dakota to attempt to sell. I could have just sold it down here, but it’s a hassle to sell vehicles in my spare time, trying to coordinate with people on Craigslist. I’ve done it twice before and both times it sucked.

We’d been wanting to re-do our backyard patio overhang for a while. Some of the ceiling was starting to rot and we were slightly worried it would one day collapse on us. So, we started tearing it apart, and sure enough there were quite a few suspicious looking boards that were rotted. It still was probably pretty safe structurally, so we left the core components in tact and swapped out some of the most egregious looking rotted wood. We also put on a whole new ceiling which involved cutting around all eight skylight windows. New ceiling fans were installed too. After two full days of work, the hardest part was finished. Now, we just need to put up the trim around the outer edges and windows, paint/stain, and install some corbels.

We made sure the Glanzers ate well, however, with meals at/from Jardin Corona, Kerbey Lane, Rudy’s, Tacodeli, and Pourhouse.

When it was time to depart on Tuesday morning, Johnny and I tagged along as far north as Waco so Mom could tour the Magnolia Silos from the TV show Fixer Upper, of which I am not familiar. But it seemed to attract quite the crowds. We had lunch somewhere and then headed back to Austin while Ma and Pa headed north. Last report was the Impala held up on the long drive back to Carpenter.

Thanks for the manual labor and car selling, parents!

Dinner with Gramps and Gran at Jardin Corona, where the margaritas were flowing like wine.
Ma and Pa had a few margs too.
Johnny was a little taken aback when his balloon tiger at Kerbey Lane started to come undone.
We managed to get a ton of lumber in the Chrysler, but Dad had to unsafely sit in the back end on the wood.
Ma hard at work hammering away on her vacation from work.
Grampa takes a timeout to blow bubbles.
Precision is key when sawing ceiling boards.
Johnny got into the act with his play tools (and some real tools).
The current state of the patio is a big improvement! The new fans look great. I want to stain the ceiling but Lauren’s leaning towards a fresh coat of white paint.
We arrive at the Magnolia Silos in Waco.
Johnny checks out a Magnolia truck.
One final hearty meal in Waco before sending off the grandparents.