Well it’s pointless to write about anything other than pregnancy news, because that’s what the people want to hear about! The due date is Sunday, and at this point there are no indications that it will be an early arrival.

I’ve decided that I officially have no gender preference, though I do have a list of pros in my head for each.

Case For Boy…

  • The Glanzer name would be much more likely to live on! Jordan has four kids, but they are all Krogmans. And Alex has two kids and they are both Glanzer for now, but being girls they are likely to marry off one day and change names… though times are a-changin’ and that’s not guaranteed to happen, of course. But if we have a boy, we could be more assured that the Glanzer legacy lives on. (Poulter will still be part of the last name too.)
  • There is a greater likelihood of the child becoming a baseball fan, thereby giving me/us all the more excuses to visit ballparks and such. And, if that were to happen, the likelihood of the child becoming a Major League superstar increases.

Case For Girl…

  • I’ve seen male friends with daughters go to these daddy-daughter dances and things like that. That seems like it would be a cool thing to do.
  • I seem to have a slightly better rapport with females. In general I am able to carry on conversations with women better than other men.

But that’s about it. Beyond that I don’t care too much. A healthy baby is priority #1!