Next up on the interview series is dear old mom. Let’s see what she’s up to these days at her job at HRMC and on the farm!

IMG_08761. Hello Mom, how are you today?

MG: To tell the truth, I’m beat. I volunteered to work today so that another co-worker could enjoy the weekend at the river with her family. How stupid could I be? When I started working at the hospital, I thought, “Hmmm….I can’t believe that the ER in Huron would be very busy…that should be a cushy job!” NOT. I worked from 7-3:30 and it was non-stop. No lunch, no bathroom breaks, no drink of water. Just go, go, go.

You wouldn’t believe some of the lame things people come in with, but there are also lots of very serious things, too. Today was one of those days when the rooms were all filled with people waiting to get in as quickly as the rooms became empty. Then I had to come home and bake cookies for the Memorial Day program tomorrow. Why do people have to eat every time they attend something? Can’t they wait until they get home to have a cookie? OK, done with my rant.

2. How relieved are you that it’s no longer winter?

MG: I am so happy that the winter months are behind us for awhile. It wasn’t so bad as for the amount of snow this past winter, but it set all kinds of records for cold. 30 below got to be the norm. I love me some sun and some damaging UV rays.

3. Do you miss us yet? Should we move back north?

MG: Of course I miss you! And yes, you should move back north, but at the same time, I like having an excuse to go south during the winter. If you ever get tired of the traffic and heat, you can always come back and be a farmer. You know you loved stacking bales and sorting calves and all that stuff.

4. Do you and Dad have any fun plans for the summer?

MG: Maybe…I set aside a few days in June with PTO in case we decided to something fun. We haven’t decided yet, but I am thinking of a trip to the hills, or maybe a lake in Minnesota where we could go boating and sleep late and see some scenery. In reality, we’ll probably do none of those things.

5. Are you excited to add your seventh grandchild to the family this summer, or is #7 just, ho-hum, another grand-kid?

MG: A new grandchild is very exciting, even though it will be #7. Especially as you and Lauren haven’t had any yet. I am glad you decided to keep everything a surprise until the big day. The only one who may not be excited is Baxter, but he’ll get used to the addition before too long.

6. What is the latest news and/or gossip from Carpenter?

MG: Well, the big excitement around here is the new fertilizer plant. Now, that may sound boring to some, but it is a huge building (we can see it from our house, a good 2 or 3 miles away). It doesn’t take much to get us Carpenterians excited.

7. What is your pet situation? I heard you were looking for a new dog!

MG: I am. I’ve had puppy fever for some time, now. It isn’t often that we have only one dog on the farm, and Buster has been the lone mutt for nearly 2 years now, after Rufus ate a decaying calf and the bones punctured his innards. He was a good dog, but not very bright. I would love to get a sheltie, but they are few and far between. I’ve been watching Craigslist everyday and have been keen on a miniature aussie, a German shepherd/lab mix, a golden retriever and a few mutts, but every time I get my hopes up, they end up being sold. I think that someday the perfect dog will just end up being in the right place at the right time.

8. How do you like your new job compared to the mail route?

MG: I like certain aspects of it, for example I may work three days and then get two off, then work one and get two more off, etc…every week is different and it’s really nice not being trapped in a 6 day a week job. On the other hand, I have to leave home earlier and get home later, and the work is a lot more stressful than delivering the mail was. Although, delivering mail in a blizzard or on icy roads was really stressful, too. The hospital will let me stay in one of their rooms for free if the weather is bad, and that’s a perk (though it’s kind of creepy being in a room on a floor that is totally deserted).

9. I heard you got a trampoline. Have you and Dad played on it?

MG: I have jumped on it a few times, mainly when Hadley has been here. It’s really comfy to lay on, so I got the bright idea the other day to put on my swimsuit and lay out in the sun on the trampoline. It’s in our backyard and there’s a net around it, so there’s no chance anyone is going to see me. Right…I was pleasantly dozing off when here comes Alex. I was thankful that I hadn’t taken my top off like I had contemplated doing, and so was he! I was so annoyed that I can’t ever hide from people and he said it was pretty clear that I was on the trampoline since the dogs were laying under it. Damned dogs.

10. You are always one to have an annoying radio ad or TV commercial or song that you hear every day and complain about. Is there anything currently annoying you?

MG: You’re right, I am always complaining, but now that you ask, I can’t come up with one in particular. There is a new show that’s coming on soon called Rising Star, and the announcer makes it sound like it’s a ground breaking concept…a show where people will sing and people will judge them. Uh…I think that’s been done before. That annoys me so I won’t be watching that show.

11. Well thanks for joining us today, any closing remarks?

MG: I’m honored that you thought I would be interesting enough to interview. I’m sure I’ve disappointed you now, but thanks anyway.