Interview was conducted orally… I was attempting to type Lauren’s responses in real time, so if she wasn’t quoted correctly, you can blame me… and I had had several drinks at that point. But really, it was an admirable effort on my part.

1. Hello Lauren, how are you today?

LPG: I’m doing pretty well. I burnt my tongue on some soup earlier, but otherwise no complaints.

2. So… you’ve been pregnant for about six months. How do you feel physically?

LPG: I feel pretty good! Getting more tired now, and I’ve had some bad sciatica, but it’s been thankfully pretty boring so far, and that’s a good thing.

3. And how does it feel to know that in less than three months, you will be someone’s mother?

LPG: It’s kind crazy… but very cool!

4. What sorts of things do you feel need to be done before Tiny Baby arrives?

LPG: Well, there’s a lot left to be done as far as the house. Need to do home improvement projects. Lord knows we won’t have time to take care of those things once we’re parents of a human baby, not just a beagle. Lots left to prepare–need to find a pediatrician, need to do lots left in terms of the act of having and raising a child.

5. Any preference on boy or girl whatsoever? Is there a pro or con to either? And what do you think it might be?

LPG: Well, I don’t have a preference of boy or girl, no. Whatever variety comes out, they’ll be wearing Vikings or Twins gear, and if you have your way I suppose they’ll be wearing Chargers gear once in a while too. But, no matter what I’ll be very happy if the baby comes out happy and healthy.

6. Are there any names you have in mind, or is it going to be one of those situations where you have to see the baby first?

LPG: Of course I have names in mind. Nothing I’m ready to share with the blog audience. But I don’t think we’ll pick a name for certain until we see the baby.

7. Do you think it will be tricky to raise a child with no family within 1000 miles?

LPG: …uh, of course? Kinda a silly question.

8. What do you miss most about living in Minnesota?

LPG: Oh being close to family, certainly. Being just a few short hours from the Glanzer Klan. It’s not very often we get to see either side of our family. Occasionally I miss snow… very fleetingly. Remembering how we had to dig out of snowbanks, and how we had to start the car ten minutes before we left for anywhere, and scraping ice off the windshield… those things I don’t miss so much. But it sure can be pretty. And I do miss just being able to hop on a bus, or just make a late afternoon decision to head to a Twins game and go! Of course, if we had a dog in Minnesota it would have been much different too.

9. How is work at Whole Foods going?

LPG: It’s going pretty well! Just getting the hang of the new job, and now doing a lot to train someone else on how to do it for a while before we have the baby, and then trying to re-train myself on how to do it before I come back!

10. How is knitting going?

LPG: Great! Thanks for asking. I’ve been knitting quite a few things for the baby. Of course, living in Texas there’s not much call for sweaters, but if things get chilly this baby will have plenty of them.

11. Well, thanks for joining us today Lauren. Any closing remarks?

LPG: It’s been a pleasure, Ryan. Go Twins!