Winter Strikes, Christmas Party, Granny on the Phone?

It’s actually cold here for a change! Not just cold for this area, but legitimately cold. This morning it was just 27 degrees and never warmed up beyond 33 all day. There was supposed to be a 90% chance of rain here yesterday and today which would have made for some icy roads, but it missed us to the north. Dallas got pummeled. Austin is in the clear. There were reports of some icy roads in the area Friday morning but I never saw any such thing on my drive to work. In our 2 1/2 years here, I have yet to encounter any sort of wintry driving condition. Once there was freezing rain and once there was a wintry mix with no accumulation, but every threat of wintry weather has missed this area… just was I was hoping for when we relocated, because there is nothing that stresses me out more than trying to drive on snowy, icy roads.

Last night was the Callaway company Christmas party, and fittingly it was at Top Golf. Lauren was in Nevada for work, so I went solo. The hitting bays are outdoors and even though there were plenty of heaters, it was still pretty chilly to be golfing outdoors at night in December. I was comfortable, but some of the southerners looked mighty cold. I didn’t win any prizes this year, unfortunately, but a good time was had nonetheless.

Co-worker Brian tees up from the third level.
Co-worker Brian tees up from the third level.
If you look close you can see actual ice on those leaves. That’s a first for me in TX.


I spent a ton of time around my co-workers this past week. I came into work Sunday from 3pm to 1am with many others as we launched the new website. My job was to turn on all the automated e-mails I had built with the new template as soon as the site was live. I then worked my regular five day week, and saw everyone again for several hours at the party Friday. So all in all I was around the gang for about 65 hours this week. Luckily they are a good bunch!

As you likely saw on Facebook, I carried on a five-minute phone conversation with a woman who dialed the wrong number on Friday, who I believed to have been Granny. It was a 605-354 number, the Huron area, so that part checked out. It was an elderly, confused woman on the phone who was clearly not a pro at using a cell phone, so that also checked out. She explained her son got her a cell phone for Christmas and programmed all her grandkids’ numbers into it, and she was trying to figure out how to use it. When I asked her if her son’s name was Dickie, she said yes. I was baffled that Granny would call me, but to this point all of this seemed perfectly plausible. She was talking about the weather a lot and what day of the week it was, so I was certain this was Granny. But then she wondered if I was going to Wayne’s birthday party at Hurst’s Corner, and she was waiting for her son to pick her up. I started to wonder if this was actually Granny, who would never go to a bar. She then told me she’d been drinking Lord Calvert/water drinks all day. I asked her again, are you Granny? Yes, she said. Are you Granny Cleo… Cleo Glanzer? No, my name is Barbara Stauffer (or something like that, I can’t remember exactly). I explained to her I was not who she thought I was, and the merry mixup was over.

The Christmas lights are up on the house as of this week. I decided to add one new string of lights this year to outline the doors and such.

The Glanzer house on Sinton Lane all lit up.
The Glanzer house on Sinton Lane all lit up.

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  1. Your house looks so pretty all lit up, especially with NO snow on the ground! We don’t have a lot, but it is damned cold. Below zero with lots of wind. Brrr… made a good decision to head south.

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