I turned 31 on Friday, and the festivities kicked off at noon with a work lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I left work early to pick up Baxter from his new daycare nearer our home, and then at 7 we met fellow 8/23 birthday friend Brian Mego and 8/20 birthday friend Elizabeth Vivirito and a few others at Top Golf. If you are not familiar with Top Golf, it is really fricking cool. Three levels of booths where you take aim at various targets on a real range and rack up points. Anyone can play regardless of skill level, as you can earn points for long or short shots. And it’s an upscale bar and restaurant too. The bad part was we had the worst booth in the house, right next to an emergency exit where people kept casually walking out of.

Many expected me, the guy who works for Callaway Golf, to be the expert golfer, but that was not quite the case. I was good at hitting the ball far, but not straight or near targets. Mike Franklin proved to be the most consistent golfer in our group. Next time we have out-of-town guests, this will for sure be on our to-do list!

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