If I had my say, I’d look at the calendar and every night after work, and every weekend day  would be blank. There’s something very satisfying about looking at the calendar and seeing empty squares… imagine the possibilities! I’m kinda over social activities and weekly meetups and stuff. Yes, it’s a good way to meet new people, but I have met too many people here! I can’t really handle knowing too many more people because that’s just more and more invites and more zany excuses to come up with. I say it like it’s a big problem, but of course we value our good friends here in Austin and they all help keep things very entertaining.

After the second karaoke league ended, I said I was going to take a break from it. But I was talked into joining the next one. And when that third one ended, I said I would take a break, but I was talked into joining the next one. And that next one started last night, occupying my Wednesdays for the next six weeks. Due to lack of interest, there are only six teams of two this time. The first league had eight teams of 3-4 people. Last night I performed Todd Rundgren’s “I Saw the Light” and Jake Owen’s “Eight Second Ride” to some acclaim. My random teammate assigned to me is a woman named Laura who had a great voice. I like our chances this time!

In other news, I head off to San Francisco on Tuesday for an e-mail conference with co-worker Shenea. Rather than just fly back home on Thursday after the work-related stuff, Lauren will be flying out that day to meet me and we’ll extend the stay by a few days, what with Memorial Day weekend giving me a bonus day. I have been to San Francisco several times before, so instead of spending more time in the city we’ll be heading up to Napa Valley, a.k.a. Wine Country, where we booked a fun little room on airbnb.com. We may do a bicycle tour of the local wineries on Friday! On Saturday night we’ll head back into the city, and on Sunday we’re taking in the Giants-Rockies game. Our flight departs SFO at 11:43pm and arrives back in Austin at 5:04am Monday…

…and then, my day is blocked off for one very important Arrested Development marathon on Netflix! As you may know, it has long been one of not only my favorite shows, but pretty much all my friends’ favorite shows too. Lauren is even a bigger fan than me. Whenever there is nothing interesting on, we’ll just flip Netflix on and started AD over again. The rewatchability value is through the roof!

Yes, the next ten days should be pretty fun-filled.