It’s been ten days since we bought the house and we’re pretty much unpacked and have begun a few painting projects. By unpacked I mean we at least got everything out of the garage and into the appropriate rooms–still lots of organizing to do. Yesterday we spent the day painting the master bedroom, and today after football we’ll probably paint some dressers.

Baxter is starting to feel right at home. This morning Bax and I ran down to Rattan Creek Park where we happened upon some sort of dog-walking club. I bet we saw 100 dogs while out on our walk. I still have to figure out what to do with the hound during the workday. He goes to daycare twice a week still, but the other days I have to come home over break and let him out of his crate. He can’t be trusted to be out of the crate all day, and he also can’t sit inside it the whole day. Work is now 15.6 miles each way, so coming home is very inconvenient, but for now it’s the only option.

We had our first bad news with the house yesterday morning when the DirecTV guy came over for the installation and told us he couldn’t do the install because there were too many trees blocking the satellite path and we wouldn’t get reception. The only option was to mount the dish near the chimney, but the roof was at such an angle that it violated the company’s safety policy and he wasn’t legally able to do it. He did tell us to look into a retailer who can do their own installs without the strict safety issues, so I tracked down a company that seems happy to give it a try this week. We have gone almost two years without cable just fine, but we really wanted that free NFL Sunday Ticket and Showtime!

In other news…

  • I am glad to see Mello Yello being distributed here finally. I never knew I liked that particular pop that much but once it was unavailable I really started to miss it!
  • We won our first volleyball game of the second season Thursday even after having to forfeit the first set because our full team wasn’t standing on the court at 6:15 even though we were all there.
  • A major cold front is pushing through the area, dropping temps from the 105 range down into the high 90s. Amazingly the difference feels very nice.
  • The grill I bought with birthday money last Sunday has now been used four times in seven days. I am yet to master the art of the natural lump charcoal.
  • We will be getting a visit soon from the Walshichettis! The two plan to visit in early October for a weekend, all the more reason to get motivated to get some work done around the house.
  • I mowed the lawn for the first time since we rented a house in 2008. The whole backyard and frontyard took a total of about 25 minutes. I enjoyed doing it.
  • My dream of having an amazing bar within short walking distance to my house has come true. Little Woodrow’s is only 4-5 blocks away and has 100 beers to pick from, plus it’s super dog friendly so the hound can come along!
Here I am making kabobs on the grill’s maiden voyage.
Lauren and Hound enjoy a beverage on Labor Day at Little Woodrow’s
Lauren and I spent Saturday painting the master bedroom.