It is the end of a five-day weekend. Maybe the first time since I’ve had a full-time job that I took five days off and didn’t travel anywhere. But it was productive and very, very sweaty. I mean I went through 30 shirts in five days. I made nine trips to the apartment and moved stuff over a load at a time in the pickup. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be fewer than that. Every time I brought a load over, I estimate I made 18-25 trips up and down the stairs with a box or two at a time. Multiply that by nine and I essentially walked up and down the old apartment stairs 200 times. Great exercise, but damn did it wear me out.

Today, Labor Day, I decided to take it easy for the most part. I had a few things house-related I wanted to accomplish early and I did just that. I moved a few boxes around, arranged some stuff, and then by 10:30 I was finished with my work for the five-day weekend and ready to let loose, albeit alone as Lauren was at work with Baxter. I got a haircut, bought some Jose Cuervo and matching margarita mix, and sat outside in the blazing sun at our new grill I purchased and assembled with my birthday money from the parents and made some beef ribs. Okay, so the ribs shrunk by 80% and I was left with two minutes of eating delicious beef around the bones… somehow I failed in that regard, but I was feeling pretty damn good by 1:30 and that was the point of Labor Day.

As for the last five days in general? It was a whirlwind. We bought a house, I moved our stuff into it, Lauren did some painting, and Baxter got used to his new backyard. Those of you who have seen the videos I am now presenting, you will know that the highlight of this 1984 house is the backyard and patio. We are very happy here, and probably for the first time, thanks to being 30 years old and being a homeowner and having a real job, I kinda feel sorta like an adult. Kinda.