We’re flying back to Minneapolis tomorrow for the start of our six-day vacation. I always get a little nervous when we don’t have assigned seats on a flight. I guess worst case is we get bumped from the flight and get some sort of vouchers, or we’re forced to sit apart on the plane. I took the whole day off work even though the flight isn’t till 5:35. I’ll drop Baxter off at the Megos, pick Lauren up from work, and get to the airport at a sane time… I’m trying to be rational for once.

Lauren, Bax, and I visited the house on Tuesday after work and met face-to-face with the sellers, who showed us all the yard stuff they’re leaving for us. The seller has offered us an amazing deal on a lawnmower, weed eater, leaf blower, pressure washer, hedge trimmer, and a whole toolshed full of hoses, watering cans, shovels, etc. There may have even been a pooper scooper in the shed. According to our broker, we are 99% of the way there. Basically as long as everything we’ve submitted so far isn’t a complete lie the loan is going to go through and we’ll close on August 30.

Last night was the fourth time I played racquetball against Ryan B, and I kept my perfect record going at 13-0. I finally bought my own racquet and goggles, but Heather’s pink racquet apparently served me well in the mean time. Tonight is sand volleyball at 7 and our team is trying to rebound after a dismal game last week when the team was at each others’ throats. I am vowing to play much more lighthearted tonight… as long as the other team isn’t a bunch of jackasses trash-talking again.

Well, guess that’s all from here. I imagine the bulk of my reading audience is in Minnesota, what with me not telling my Texas friends about this blog yet, so I’ll be seeing many of you northerners very soon. By the way, those who I told about the Sunday Twins game… that may be changed to Tuesday now…