Tonight is wedding dance #60 that I have DJ’d all-time. No different than most, really, aside from the fact that it is on a Sunday night. The party is finally in full swing as the clock has just moved past midnight. I’m kinda on cruise control for a while as I’ve got a long list of requests queued up, so plenty of time to kill aside from a few interactions and announcements. I’ll be back here again on Friday after work for 7 hours and again Saturday for 10 more hours. I’m disappointed that I forgot to ask off for the Twins first two games of the year, but it will be a heck of a paycheck for the week. All the money will go into our NY/Boston travel fund for May.

I’m not going to ask for any pity that I have to do three wedding dances on top of my regular 40-hour a week job for the week, but it certainly is going to be difficult as I also have to get a root canal on Tuesday afternoon and, of course, put on our weekly podcast Monday night! Obviously the Jordan Krogmans of the world with three kids and another on the way and a full-time overnight nursing job have it much more difficult, but I have gotten pretty used to coming home after work five nights a week and lounging around watching Sopranos and tipping back a beer or two.

Lauren and I made a quick trip back to Carpenter for the weekend to celebrate niece Hadley’s first birthday since we’ll be unable to attend next weekend’s official birthday bash. We had a nice time chilling with Ma and Pa Saturday. Mom, Lauren, and I took the dogs for a walk Saturday afternoon in sub-zero March windchill. Mom got pretty tangled up in Rufus’s leash at one point and face-planted on the frozen gravel road which led to her laughing uncontrollably for some time. At night we headed over to Henry for dinner, and later checked out the bar in Willow Lake where I put my arms around Jared Knock and Taylon LaMont and exclaimed “the old gang, back together again!” We hit the road Sunday morning, delivered some home-grown beef to Josh Kleve, and then I came here. Exciting!

Not much else to report… Be sure to tune in to tomorrow’s podcast broadcast over at Don’t be afraid to call in and be a guest on the show!