I decided weeks ago that I would be taking a vacation day today since I would undoubtedly not want to get up and go to work early in the morning after the Walshichetti Super Bowl bash. I couldn’t decide how I would spend my day o’ fun at first, but soon I remembered I wanted to buy new everyday shoes and headed to the Mall of America. Finally, having two cars came in handy! I had lunch at Noodles & Company and then walked around every floor of the mall twice until I finally decided on a pair of Nike shoes at Champs… and then I noticed a few stores over was a new Nike superstore with hundreds of more shoe options. Oh well, I was satisfied with what I picked out. I also bought a zip-up sweatshirt which I had been needing. I was surprised to see how many people are wandering around the MOA on a Monday at 1pm.

Last night’s Super Bowl party was quite the success. Walsh bought a keg of Premium and the 15-20 guests all seemed to bring various food items. It was lots of good eating and drinking! I managed to win almost $30 in various bets throughout the night with Luke, Jason, and Walsh. I won all four game-related bets against Jason, but lost to him on the Black Eyed Peas playlist bet.

The night before, I got back to the DJing biz with a wedding dance at the Profile. Nothing terribly exciting or unusual happened, but I was fed steak and tipped, so I was happy.

Even further back, last Thursday after work Lauren, Jeff, and I met Luke at Kabuki restaurant in Eden Prairie for a complimentary Korean meal which we will review for Luke’s food delivery website. It was pretty ridiculous the amount of free food the chefs put in front of us. I think they put ten different entrées on the table. After a crappy day of work, I was smiling ear to ear as I wolfed down plate after plate of food. FNS has us reviewing a couple more restaurants in the coming weeks.