It’s time once again for my annual Pop Culture Awards! As you know, I stopped doing my old voting awards a couple years ago. When Lauren asked why I stopped, I told her it wouldn’t be fair now that we’re married because she’d run away with all the trophies! Agree or disagree with my choices? Let’s hear who your winners are in the Comments!

Best TV Show: 30 Rock
For several years it has always ranked very near the top of my list, but until this year it had never broken through as the best. It slipped through when Dexter had a weak year and The Office has been up-and-down. Party Down may have been runner-up.
Best Movie: Cyrus
Okay, this is not quite fair. Cyrus was literally the one and only new movie I saw in a theater this year. Patrick and I saw it on a random June afternoon in Uptown. Our year in movies was heavily focused on our Best Picture project and other classics.
Best Music Artist: Darius Rucker
For the third consecutive year, my favorite music artist goes to Darius Rucker. After a wildly successful crossover to country music, Darius has put out two amazing albums in a row. His latest album, Charleston, South Carolina, is just as good as Learn to Live.
Sports Moment: Thome Walk-Off
The Twins magical season in their sparkling new ballpark came to a predictably dismal ending, but earlier in the season, Jim Thome and his heroics had us believing a World Series was possible. His 2-run, come-from-behind, walk-off homer vs. the White Sox was my moment of the year.
Song of the Year: “It Felt Good on My Lips” by Tim McGraw
It was a very difficult decision for the year’s top song. I thought perhaps Jason Aldean’s “The Truth” or Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere with You” were worthy, but in the end it was McGraw’s fun song about various things touching his lips.
Best Athlete: Kevin Love
There hasn’t been much to cheer about involving the Timberwolves this year with a current record of 6-20, but if K-Love were playing on a contending team, his name would be all over the MVP race. He’s pretty much good for 25 points, 15 rebounds every single night.
Best Video Game: Angry Birds
When Lauren got her Droid, I noticed she started spacing out for hours at a time, flicking her fingers across the screen playing Angry Birds. Once I finally gave in and got a Droid too, I discovered why she was so enamored with this game. It is too addicting. I just have to keep playing.
Best Website:
Okay, perhaps “best” isn’t the best way to describe this site. In fact, it may be the worst. But like Angry Birds, it’s stupidly addicting. It’s nothing but user-created quizzes, and there are hundreds of new ones every day, mostly sports-related. It’s outrageously time-consuming.
Best Blog: Jordan Krogman Photography
Two years running, the blog I check most frequently is sister Jordan’s daily (literally, daily) blog about her ridiculously busy day-to-day life, complete with photos and frequent guest posts. I believe it is Jordan’s goal to blog every day of the year in 2010 and so far is on track.
Best Vacation Spot: Jamaica
Unfortunately, the resort that Lauren and I visited for our honeymoon no longer exists! It was sold to Riu next door for an expansion. Even so, our eight days in sunny Jamaica this January were amazing and I would definitely like to go back. Or maybe try another Pacific island.
Best Local Hot Spot: Green Mill Uptown
The city’s best weekend all-day happy hour place is just a five-minute walk from our apartment, making the $2 pints and cheap appetizers all the more dangerous. On several occasions this year, we spent hours at a time feasting on soft pretzels and Premium Grain Belts.
Pop Culture Icon: Michael C. Hall
The star of Dexter wins this award for the third consecutive year. As I said, I thought this season of the show may have been the weakest of the five seasons, but Michael C. Hall still is a hell of an actor and his off-screen battle with cancer, divorce, and new romance were all headline-makers.