Next up in my interview series with the women of the family is Cleo Glanzer, a.k.a. “Granny,” my dad’s mom. After living next door to us on the farm for most of my childhood, she now resides in Huron, SD at the assisted living center and keeps plenty busy by bumming around town. I called Granny the other day to interview her for the blog since she does not use computers, and here’s the transcript of our conversation. Enjoy!

Cleo "Granny" Glanzer
File photo of Granny, August 2007

1. Hi Granny, what’s going on?

Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on. Too darn lonesome. The woman here, this manager here, she walked over and told me, she said, “Do you have a grandson from Minneapolis named Ryan?” And I said “Yeeeeees.” Boy I’m sure glad you called me, seems good.

2. I got my wisdom teeth removed this week. Do you remember what it was like to get your teeth out when you got dentures?

Alright. It was alright. I don’t know, I don’t remember nothin’ anymore. I got those, uh, what do you call ’em, false teeth you know, so I don’t have to worry about gettin’ no teeth pulled. No. No dentist for me.

3. What are you doing tonight?

Won’t do shittin’ nothin’. Get done with supper, then us old folks we sit here. Heck, none of ’em talk to each other, I got no one to talk to. Draw lines in a book to keep my mind goin’. Heck, ain’t nothin’. I need someone to live with, someone to talk to, that’s all. Wish I was livin’ somewhere else.

4. Did you go out to Burger King today?

Well yeah, usually do in the afternoon. Sit there for a bit, don’t eat though. They feed us here you know, so I just sip coffee and look out the window.

5. Better than going out to the Huron Mall though, right?

Cripes, no, there ain’t nothin’ out to that Huron Mall. Just K-Mart. It’s dark out there the rest of it. Cleopatra and Lee were in town Saturday and Lee was going out to a sale but Cleopatra came and picked me up and she took me out to that Wal-Mart. Oh, that is a biiiiiiig store! Cleopatra, she likes that Wal-Mart a lot, oh boy!

6. So you’re saying Wal-Mart really puts K-Mart to shame in the battle of the Huron marts?

Oh you ain’t just a kidding, and everyone here knows it! Golly.

7. Did you know it’s November now?

Yep! Glad that Halloween is over, I don’t like that Halloween stuff one bit, no I don’t. Heck, next Sunday is when they are switching the time back and that hour is gonna make all the difference. Just a big difference. Heck now it’s quarter to five, a week from now it will be a quarter to four.

8. That means the holidays are coming soon.

Thanksgiving, Christmas is always in December, New Years on the first of January again, then Valentine’s Day. That will keep me busy. Boy it’s good when your dad and Cleopatra can come pick me up and take me to wherever for the holidays. I don’t drive. I won’t drive out there but if someone comes and picks me up I’ll go along. That makes me happy.

9. Well we’d better wrap it up here. Good as always to talk to you, Granny. Any closing remarks?

I pray for you all the time, all the time. God bless you good, God bless you real good! This month is just starting, today’s the first.