Betty Bell
Grandma Bell, as seen at our wedding

Next up in my series of interviews with the women of the family is Grandma Bell, my mother’s mother, from Doland, SD. Let’s see what she’s up to these days!

1. What is your favorite way to keep busy during the day?

Just taking care of my house and yard keeps me busy most of the days, but I like to read, watch certain TV programs and read my e-mails and play card games on the computer.

2. What is your biggest day-to-day concern you have right now?

I am worried that they will change Medicare so people will invest their own funds rather than receive a monthly check as they do now.

3. What are the best and worst things about living in Doland?

The best things are the quiet and peaceful and crime free environment, the worst part is having to drive at least 20 miles to buy anything. We don’t even have a grocery store!

4. Do you know any other grandmas that are as big of football fan as you?

Not even one. I watch every Sunday NFL game and also Monday night. In fact, that is why I am writing this so late as I had to watch the Colts game.

5. When is the last time you’ve gotten mad at someone?

I get mad at the political ads on TV when I know what they are saying is a lie, but I really don’t get mad about much of anything, why sweat the small stuff?

6. Have you ever participated in a talent show, and if so what did you do?

I regret to say but I don’t have any talents. I was in a snow queen show many years ago but that didn’t take much talent!

7. What do you think you were doing on this date in 1960?

We were living in Denver Colorado, Brian was 24 months old and Stuart was 8 months old so I had quit my job and became a full time homemaker.

8. Do you have any good stories involving you gambling?

I like to play the nickel machines although I seldom do, but one time we were visiting at Las Vegas and I got a machine that won every time and I ended up with $35.00 ahead. WOW!!

9. What was the proudest you have been of your daughter/my mother?

I don’t remember any exact time I was the most proud, but I am extremely proud of her all the time. She is hard working, humorous, a very good Mother and Grandmother. She is always there to help anyone who needs her, is a good cook and housekeeper and makes a lot of friends. I can hardly believe she is related to me.

10. Which of your traits do you think I may have inherited?

More of your traits are from your Mom, humorous, intelligent, and talented, but from me perhaps your love for sports and caring for family ties. Anyway, you turned out just fine.

Thanks for joining us Grandma Bell, any closing remarks?

Now that I am getting very old I realize how proud I am of all my children, grandchildren, grandchildren-in-law, and great grandchildren. I enjoy just trying to keep up with what they are all doing.