Anniversary Weekend o’ Fun
10/10/10 was our first anniversary, and we planned a weekend of celebration! Friday, we took off work a bit early and traveled an hour east to Stillwater, where we spent the night at the Water Street Inn, a historic hotel on the St. Croix River. We were able to get a huge discount on the hotel, plus a four-course dinner, and breakfast with one of those “deal of the day” type promos from Crowd Cut.

Saturday on the way home we stopped at one of those fall harvest festivals and walked through a children’s corn maze. Lauren paid a quarter to feed some goats and lambs a handful of corn, but I had had my fill of feeding barnyard animals in the 90s and took a pass. During the day I watched Groundhog Day on Netflix. That night we went out to the trendy bars of Uptown for Lauren’s friend Jodi’s “21st” birthday, including the rooftops at Stella’s and Cafeteria.

Sunday, Walsh and Sarah joined us for a delicious brunch at Nicollet Island Inn to celebrate our official anniversary day. After a day of napping and watching Teen Wolf on Netflix, we paid the Poulters a visit before heading on over to Eagan for more Dexter with Liz and Curt. There, we thanked them for their Showtime by breaking out a bottle of champagne left over from our wedding, as well as a few of the final slices of our wedding cake which had been in the Poulters’ freezer.

I’d say it was a fine anniversary weekend! Lots of unhealthy eating and lounging around. This week it’s back to saving money and going to the gym.

Do I Want Fancy Phone?
Since my latest two-year Verizon contract is up, I get to pick another phone, either free or greatly discounted, if I re-up with Verizon. I have the option of picking from a bunch of new free phones or pay $149 and get a Droid like Lauren’s. But after a few months of seeing Lauren and her phone, I’m not sure I want one. Yes, they are really cool and do a ton of amazing things and she always has internet access wherever she goes, but that’s the very reason I think I may pass on getting one. I am trying to be on the internet less! I am hoping to be less connected! I have the ability to be online almost 24/7 as it is. That is how I am able to maintain three blogs and keep my Google Reader at 0 new items every day. When I get a rare moment where I have no internet, it forces me to be a bit more sociable, which I think is a good direction for me. For those reasons, I may not get a Droid. We’ll see…

Twins Done, My Sports Teams All Cursed
Surprise, surprise, the Twins were knocked out in three games. I absolutely saw that coming, and as much as I wanted them to advance, I told people beforehand that I would be shocked if they came close to winning a single game. Oh well, I’ll move on. I still say it would be nice, at some point in my life, to see a sports team that I cheer for win a championship. In 28 years, not one team at any level that I was actively cheering for at the time has won anything. From the Willow Lake girls’ basketball team that lost 7 championship games, to all the Minnesota pro teams, to the San Diego Chargers, to even the passing interest I had in college sports whether at DSU or otherwise, no team has won anything before. If we include amateur or unorganized athletic leagues, then yes, I have been on two championship teams:winning a weekend 8-team basketball tournament in 8th grade, and winning a DSU co-ed softball championship senior year. If I had to guess, I bet the next (or first) time a team I root for wins a title is the Wild in 2040.