Gioielli Wedding Shindig a Blast
This weekend we took in the Gioielli-Hammarlund wedding dance at the Weisman Art Museum at the U of M campus. Those youngsters sure know how to throw a party! I met Brian through Liz when the two worked together at the MDA. I have met few, if any people in my life as interesting as Brian Gioielli. He once threw himself a birthday party at the now-defunct Restaurant Miami in Uptown and bought everyone drinks the whole night. He, Nick, and I once went speed-dating. He once individually sponsored a roller derby team and handed out t-shirts to the crowd. He and I used to enter various video contests for companies, such as BWW. He was at the center of organizing what is probably the Twin Cities’ biggest Christmas-themed pub crawl. And of course he frequently wears some legendary Italian boxers. Even though the bulk of those stories I just mentioned happened in 2007 or earlier, we expected nothing but a wild night of fun at his wedding dance, which ended up featuring moustaches-on-a-stick, a really good candy buffet, and of course an open bar. Congrats Brian and Beth!

Playoffs Begin Tomorrow
I still am not sure how to approach the upcoming divisional series playoff matchup between the Twins and defending World Series champion Yankees. It has been well-documented how badly the Twins have played against the Yankees in the Gardenhire era, especially in the playoffs. So I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. But the Twins have always opened on the road, and this time they get Games 1 and 2 at Target Field, plus the Yankees’ starting pitchers beyond Sabathia have been horrible of late. If the Twins are ever going to get to the World Series, they apparently have no other option than going through the Yankees. This is the year they have to do it! It’s their 50th anniversary, they’ve got a new stadium, they set an attendance record, I’ve continued to throw my hard-earned money at them… come on Twins, don’t let me down in 2010!

Brief Notes…
• Congratulations to our good friend Sarah Domenichetti for qualifying for the Boston Marathon after an impressive time of 3:38 in Sunday’s Twin Cities Marathon! Lauren and I fully intended to watch her at various points but overslept due to the above paragraph (we felt very bad!).
• We’ve also watched the next few movies on our Best Picture project, 1988-1991: Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy, Dances With Wolves, and The Silence of the Lambs. There have been two strings of four consecutive movies that have been brilliant so far, these four and the four from 1972-1975. Can’t decide which set is better.
• Thanks to Liz and Curt for sharing their Showtime with us! We’ve been intently watching Season 5 of Dexter with the newlyweds at their Eagan house.
• Only 5 days till our 1-year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been a whole year already. It’s been nothing but bliss, I’d say!