Summer used to be my favorite season, probably because of the break from school, my birthday, and vacation season. But these days I’m pretty content staying inside and cool during the summer and saving my outdoor activity for the spring and fall. Unfortunately, we can’t stay cool where we live.

Remember last summer how cold it was? We were at Walsh and Sarah’s Faribault Fest in mid-July wearing sweatshirts with temps in the low 60s. This year we’ve been coming home to a painfully sweltering apartment every day after work. The old thermostat only goes up to 90, but the needle is well beyond that point. My guess is it’s over 115 degrees inside our apartment around 6pm after a day of the sun blasting through our big glass balcony door on the third floor. After running our 15-year old built-into-the-wall AC for four hours, the thermostat seems to fall a little below the highest possible reading, but still well above 90. If we leave it run all night while we sleep, we sometimes wake up to 85 degree indoor temps which seems pleasant by comparison.

I sweat non-stop every waking moment I’m in our apartment. A couple nights ago I moved one of our love-seats directly in front of the AC and it still provided no relief. Last night I had to take a cold shower after folding some laundry just to cool down for a couple minutes. By the time I go to bed my clothes are soaked and my hair looks like I just got out of the shower. We put in a maintenance call to have our AC inspected just to make sure it’s not to blame, but I think it’s just having a tough time cooling a 750-square foot space which has been exposed to the sun for 15 hours straight. We have a floor fan and ceiling fan running to circulate the air, but that doesn’t help much. I stopped using blankets in bed and have two fans pointed right at us, but until I fall asleep it’s still super uncomfortable. I went to take a shower the other night and my shampoo and conditioner were so hot they basically had the same consistency as water.

We can’t install our own window ACs because we don’t have proper windows. I thought of hanging a blanket over the big sliding door to keep it darker during the day. Anyone have any other ideas how to keep an apartment cool?