All Idoled Out
If only things had been this way in 2006, Nick and I might have coexisted in a much more friendly manner at the Parkway Apartments… I have only watched one episode of American Idol this season. Lauren and I watched one of the early audition episodes this winter, but since then I haven’t even thought about the show. I have no idea who the contestants are or anything. Back in 2006, of course, the LaPlants and I were hooked on Idol, watching obsessively as Taylor Hicks beat out Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin. This angered Nick badly. There are too many incidents to bring up again, but I’m sure you can find everything on the archives.

Target Field, Take 5
Tuesday evening, Lauren and I hopped the bus to Target Field for the Twins/Tigers game. We used a wedding gift card from Nicky Mastain to sit in the right field bleachers, and early on it looked like we might be rained out. For the fifth straight time, I was the lone idiot at the game wearing just a t-shirt while everyone else bundled up in jackets and scarves. When will I learn that the wind really whips through that park?!

We also tried out some new concessions. I found the State Fair Favorites stand out in center field and ordered the Pork Chop on a Stick and a corndog. Lauren wandered halfway around the park before she found some chicken strips. Oh yeah, there may have been a few beers too.

In the eighth inning, I set my personal record for largest projected size of my face when I had about five seconds solo on the Jumbotron! Lauren popped her head in at the end as well. Aaron Pratt and Jim Woolsey were among those who texted me shortly thereafter to mention they’d seen me. Aaron was in the company seats with his wife and two kids when he apparently turned to her and said, “Of course, there’s Glanzer on the big screen. It never fails.”

The Twins ended up winning 4-3 when James Jerry Hardy scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the 9th, the first ever walk-off win for the Twins at Target Field.

Weddings Galore!
This Friday and Saturday night it’s back to the Profile as my busiest ever stretch of wedding dances continues! Sunday is a Poulter Mother’s Day celebration, and then after another full work week it’s back to the Profile next weekend for more DJing. I finally get a weekend off for Memorial Day where there are rumors of a camping/canoeing trip to a Minnesota State Park.

Best Pictures
More Best Picture reviews are up after Lauren and I watched 1981’s Chariots of Fire and 1982’s Gandhi this week. Find out which one ranked #10 on my list and which one ranked just #41!