Goodbye Eileen!
Last night after work, Lauren and I attended her company’s going away Happy Hour for Eileen Gano, one of Lauren’s closest friends from work. A large crowd of her co-workers gathered at Jake’s in Eden Prairie to bid her adieu.  Drinks and appetizers were enjoyed by all, but soon I figured I’d better stop drinking and let Lauren enjoy the party.

Four hours later, I was sitting in the car in the parking lot chatting with Mom and Dad on the phone when Lauren called, apologizing for losing track of time.  Eileen’s happy hour had gone about five hours.  Lauren kept apologizing to me, thinking I was really pissed.  I wasn’t upset, just wildly bored.  Let me tell you, when we have a Microboards gathering of some sort, nobody’s talking about work.  But these Supervalu employees love talking about work and the grocery industry in general.  It was quite the interesting evening!

This was actually the third time I thought I was seeing Eileen for the final time. A week ago Sunday, Lauren and I went out for brunch with Eileen and her boyfriend Mindaugas Mališauskas.  Then on Saturday night after DJing we went to Merlin’s Bar for a farewell drink.  Then last night it was the work gathering.  Eileen sure does have a lot of friends here who are going to miss her, it seems!

Rest of the Week
As I mentioned earlier this week, we played our first softball game Monday and lost. Afterwards, some of the team took advantage of our 30% discount at our sponsor, The Herkimer, and had dinner and a few drinks. Tuesday Lauren and I hung out with Tim and Kate at the CC Club and watched the Twins game. Wednesday we stayed home and watched the game and I went to the gym.  This weekend it’s back to the Profile for more DJing. I am DJing there 8 times in the next 43 days, so although I’ll be wildly busy, I should earn enough money to put a down payment on that Aye-Aye Lauren’s been hankering for.

Niagara Booked
The tickets have been purchased for our June trip to Niagara Falls for the Sniekers-Stranges wedding! Lauren’s old college sorority friend is tying the knot, and neither of us would miss it for the world! We’ll be flying into Buffalo, NY Thursday night and renting a car for the weekend. Of course all the festivities are on the Canada side of the border, so we’ll be visiting our third country of the year.  Now if we can just take that Uruguay safari I’ve been yammering about for years!

In other news, welcome back to Minnesota, Patrick Lynch!

And since Jordan posted this on her blog, I figured I’d do the same.  This is Dad’s head after bashing it while working under a car.  He’s a tough one, not even going to the hospital!

Dad injures his scalp.