Jerseys We Owned

greatest sports jersey everI was thinking the other day about how all the rage in the mid-90s used to be NBA and NFL jerseys.  This hype may have been fueled by the Disney Channel sitcom named The Jersey. In this show, the kids would be transformed into the bodies of the athletes whose jersey they were wearing.  Terrible acting, but a reasonable kids’ premise. Most every boy in the class owned a few NBA or NFL jerseys, and I think Josh Maynard even had a Colorado Avalanche hockey jersey.

I owned many jerseys, but my all-time fave was definitely the Charles Barkley Suns jersey from 93-94.  I think I bought it in sixth grade in Aberdeen for close to $50, and I wore the hell out of it.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to!  That giant sun shooting across the chest was the coolest logo ever, in my opinion.

Once I tired of Barkley and the Suns, I moved on to my red Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat jersey, which I still own to this day and wear on rare occasions!  Grandma Bell bought it for me for my birthday in 1995.  To this day, it remains the oldest shirt in my wardrobe.

Other sports jerseys that either Jordan, Alex, or I owned in the 90s…

• Junior Seau, navy Chargers jersey
• Barry Sanders, blue Lions jersey
• Brett Favre, green Packers jersey
• Terrell Davis, navy Broncos jersey
• Dan Marino, teal Dolphins jersey
• Larry Johnson, purple Hornets jersey
• Grant Hill, teal Pistons jersey
• Dennis Rodman, black Bulls jersey

Baseball and hockey jerseys were just too expensive, and the local Minnesota teams just didn’t have cool enough team colors.

Absurdly, I also owned t-shirts featuring the Milwaukee Bucks, LA Lakers, and New Jersey Nets.  I never had any allegiance to any of those teams, although the Lakers’ colors matched our school colors.


  1. You missed a couple jerseys on your list. I also used to have a Mark Brunell Jacksonville Jaguars jersey, and an Iowa State Men’s Basketball jersey, I forget which player it was, but I think Mom bought it on sale at JC Penney when it was still in the Huron Mall.

  2. Vince Trueblood used to steal them from JCPenney’s, then burn the ink tag off of them, and sell them for 20 bucks. It was awesome because it was so much cheaper, but you always had that little char mark underneath the right armpit.

    I had:

    Alonzo Mourning Hornets (Green)
    John Stockton Jazz (Purple – Old School)
    Stephon Marbury Timberwolves (White)
    Jason Sutherland Mizzou Tigers (Black)
    Kevin Garnett Timberwolves (Green) – via black market

    Vikings Jerseys:
    Cris Carter
    Chris Walsh
    Michael Bennett
    EJ Henderson

    Phoenix Coyotes – Blank Black

  3. First off, how ironic that I know Vince Trueblood. Second, that Charles Barkley jersey is still around here. I keep coming across it in bags of clothing that is meant to be donated to charity. These bags were sitting out in the garage and Buster decided to rip them open and play tug of war with them. I brought all of it in and washed, dried and refolded them and I think they were taken to Clark. If not, that jersey is still around here, somewhere.

    • I don’t know much about the history, but the Trueblood family moved to Watertown in 1994ish, and they attended St Martin’s Lutheran School, so Vince was in my class for two years.

  4. Tim Brown – Raiders Black
    Carmelo Anthony – Nuggets Blue
    Tshimanga “Tim” Biakabutuka – Panthers Black

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