Last Week/Weekend Highlights
Last Thursday night, Lauren and I stopped by the Poulters’ to help them move some furniture. In return, we received Famous Dave’s for dinner. Friday we visited the Walshichettis where Sarah cooked us up some homemade Thai and Caribbean pizzas. Later that night we sang lots of TV theme songs before Lauren and I passed out on the couch, much like the week prior. Saturday we looked at houses (see below for more info) and then took in Target Field (again, see below for more). Later we took in the Rosok baseball draft party, and at night I met up with Travis Bolton for a couple drinks and caught up for the first time since the wedding. Sunday I ran around the lake in the morning and relaxed all afternoon. At night Lauren cooked a delicious chicken dinner and we watched the next movie in our Best Picture series, 1978’s The Deer Hunter. All around, a very busy weekend but quite a bit of fun.

What We Missed
Due to our house hunt, we missed going to Nebraska to visit Chris Ahrendt and Terry LaPlant with Jason and Jeff. We also were very upset that Alex and Ann’s baby did not arrive as expected! I’m sure Ann was a little more frustrated than we were… I wonder what could be the holdup?

House: Back to Square One
aturday, Lauren and I went to our favorite house with our realtor and Lauren’s parents for a final inspection before placing an offer. This place was much different than the previous finalist, most notably the price tag and location. But, as much as we liked it, we wanted an expert opinion before proceeding, so who better than the man who has renovated a number of houses himself, Lauren’s dad!

It’s a good thing we got Steve in there to inspect. And by the time he was finished inspecting, it was almost comical how poor of judges Lauren and I were.

Ceilings? Bad. Floors? Bad. Walls? Bad. Piping? Bad. Windows? Bad. Doors? Bad. Water heater? Bad. Heating costs? Bad. Roof? Bad. Location? Bad. Neighborhood? Bad. Character? Bad. Plumbing? Bad. Bathroom? Bad. Drainage? Bad. Overall value? Bad. Potential resale value? Bad. Overall cost just to bring this house up to livable conditions? At least $75,000.

“Well, I guess that about takes care of this place,” we said, and with that we were back to where we started a month ago.

Target Field

After our house escapade, we headed over to Target Field for the dry run game between the Gophers and Louisiana Tech. Not that we cared one bit about the outcome of the game, but we were beyond excited to check out the Twins’ new home for the first time. We sat in just about every section, checking out the views. We wandered the concourse, doing the full lap, stopping to see everything along the way.

Some early notes…

• The new official hot dog, made by Schweigert, seems to be an improvement over the old Hormel dogs, but damn, will we ever miss the Hormel Weiner Winner song!
• The big neon sign in the outfield showing Minnie and Paul shaking hands over the river is much more impressive in person.
• There’s not a bad seat in the house, though there are some outfield seats where you can’t see the entire field. Among my favorite views was straight-away center field above the bullpens.
• The JumboTron in the outfield has to be at least five times bigger than the ones at the Metrodome.
• Beer is up to $7 a glass, compared to $6.50 at the Dome.
• The concourse was very crowded, but that likely had more to do with people exploring the stadium for the first time. You can still see the field while you’re in line for concessions.
• I’ve only been to at most 12 stadiums, but I’d say this is the nicest. Certainly not the same experience as going to a classic stadium like Wrigley, but Target Field is right up there with Miller Park in terms of comfortably watching the game with plush surroundings.


To see photos of everything mentioned above and then some, check out my latest gallery on Facebook.