House Update
Lauren and I put an offer on a house we both liked very much. It was (and still is) the nicest we’ve looked at with our realtor. We lowballed the offer, and then the sellers countered. We countered back, and thought for sure it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. The sellers came back one more time and asked for an extra $500 plus a few appliances. Much to their surprise—and I mean much—we rejected their offer and walked away from the whole deal. They couldn’t believe it and came back saying "fine, you can have it for your previous offer." And we still turned them down and walked away. It wasn’t the offer that we disliked; we just decided we didn’t like the house as much anymore.

This house was a great find—a couple blocks from a lake in a great neighborhood. The house was very well taken care of and featured some beautiful custom woodworking. The backyard was spacious and featured a hot tub. But it was what the house was missing that began to make us back away. The house has no garage, but has space to add one. The house has two bedrooms, but the second bedroom is so small that only a twin bed could fit. And the master bedroom has a door leading outside, which we both agreed would be creepy… what if someone was lurking in the shadows watching us sleep? It also has only one bathroom. This house was also at the very top of our price range, leaving us no wiggle room for improvements or renovations. It took us a while to realize all this stuff because we were so smitten with the house’s character at first. Thankfully we backed out before an agreement had been reached.

I do feel kinda bad for the couple trying to sell the house. They were so close. Their house has been on the market since October and we were the first to show serious interest. That is another thing that got us to thinking—if they’re having so much trouble selling, so will we when the time comes. Sure we wasted a few hours of their time, but we mustn’t let emotions get in the way.

We’ve now focused on a much less expensive house well within our price range. It has three bedrooms and a garage, but is in need of some upgrades, especially in the kitchen. But that’s not all bad, as we are looking forward to teaching ourselves some handiwork and re-doing a room. We’ll go back Saturday morning with Lauren’s dad and give it a good look-over before advancing. We do need to reach a purchase agreement by April 30 to get that $8000 credit, but we don’t need to rush into it like we did with the first house. I’ll keep you posted as we continue our exciting exploration.

Baby Today?
In other news, it looks like I could become an uncle for the fifth time today. I heard rumors that brother Alex and sister-in-law Ann are due to give birth to their baby girl in the very immediate future. Baby X would join Peyton, Emerson, Hudson, and Abigail as my and Lauren’s nieces and nephews. I have heard rumors of a name. If you want a hint, think doctors from a popular FOX medical drama. But I don’t even know if that’s true or not.

I’m Really Sorry, Terry
For the third time in the last year, I made plans of visiting Terry LaPlant in Nebraska City, and for the third time, I had to cancel. Lauren and I were supposed to go down this weekend with Jason, Jeff, and a few others to visit Terry, as well as the Ahrendts with their new bundle of joy, but with this house hunt dragging on and the Glanzer baby coming, we decided driving six hours from home wasn’t in our best interests. Someday, Terry, I will make it down there to visit.

Baseball Card Debate
I started quite the little conversation on Facebook about what to do with my worthless baseball card collection. If we are moving into a house soon, we’ll have room for storing them quietly in a corner in the basement where they aren’t in anyone’s way. But at our apartment, our limited closet space is very valuable and much is being taken up by boxes of 1992 Topps cards worth fractions of a penny each. These mass-produced cards hold a certain sentimental value, but certainly no monetary value. Do I sell the whole lot for whatever I can get (maybe $100)? Or continue to hang on to them seeing how I’ve kept them this long (18 years)? I know what Lauren’s vote is (sell, sell, sell!) but I think I’ll hang on to them.

I reviewed the next movie in our Best Picture project, 1977’s Annie Hall. I’m happy to say my Best Picture Review blog is actually picking up some momentum, with three other sites linking to it and about 15-20 visitors per day. Maybe I’ll get my break in the film critic industry after all. Also, I’ve added a few restaurants to our food review blog.