For those of you who are undoubtedly glued to your computers waiting for the latest in house news, Lauren and I have received a counter-offer from the sellers and now the ball is back in our court.  We plan to think about things until Sunday before we come back with our offer, but we certainly are not accepting what they threw out there.  This whole negotiation process is very exhausting.  So much so, that Lauren and I both were out cold on Walsh’s couch at 10pm last night at a friendly gathering.  We woke up at 1am and went home and slept even more.

And we would have kept right on sleeping except we are leaving this morning with Lauren’s sister Kate for Ames, Iowa to celebrate the 90th birthday of Lauren’s “Granddad”.  While in Ames, I will have the chance to meet up with long-lost cousin Justin, who I last saw in 1991 or so.  Kyla Madsen also lives in the area and we could hang out with her at some point.

In NCAA bracket news, I am currently in 2nd place out of more than 500 contestants in Justin Morneau’s bracket contest.  I picked 27 of the first 32 games correctly, including the big Murray State upset.  The winner of Morneau’s tournament receives an autographed NCAA basketball by Morneau.  Must win rare cross-sport autographed memorabilia!