Due to everyone wishing Lauren, Kate, and I safe travels, we arrived home safely early this afternoon from a weekend trip to Ames, Iowa where a celebration was held for Wes Buchele’s 90th birthday bash.  There was a big program with 100 or more friends and family in attendance.  People got up and told their favorite Wes stories.  Vast amounts of cake were served and consumed.

In the evening, Lauren, her siblings, and I headed out to a local watering hole where I reunited with long lost cousin Justin Bell (my mother’s brother’s oldest son) who I last saw in 1991.  We caught up on 19 years worth of stuff.  Obviously I had no idea what to expect other than having seen a couple pictures on Facebook, but it wasn’t too awkward.  Maybe it won’t be 19 years before we see each other again.

Ryan Glanzer Justin Bell
At long last, cousins reunite.