Going Somewhere Above -20 Degrees

This is my last day in Minnesota until Monday as several co-workers and I embark on a journey to Las Vegas to the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.  (Stop by and visit us at booth #11806!)  The plane takes off at 7am, and with heightened security I’ll need to allow myself extra time, so I’ll plan on leaving home no later than 4:45.  Those of you in South Dakota, if you look straight overheard around 8:00 tomorrow morning I’ll be waving to you from the plane.

The weather in Vegas is supposed to be in the upper 60s while we’re in town.  I figure however many degrees it is there, it will be at least that many degrees warmer than it is here.

It looks like our schedule is pretty tight with at least three company dinners planned, but I hope to have some free time so I can hang out with Dusty Hovde, who lives there, and Jeff LaPlant, who is vacationing there the same time as me.  I plan to put a few bucks down on a Super Bowl bet… I’m thinking $20 on Vikings vs. Chargers.

Unlike last year where I blogged live from the show floor at Macworld, I don’t expect to have much Internet access, so you may not hear a peep from me until I return home Monday.  After that, it’s three short days at work before Jamaica!


  1. Are you lucky, or what? Here I sit with a bunch of new snow, the wind is blowing and WAY below zero tomorrow. But hey…I do get to deliver mail on these roads, that should be some consolation…NOT! Enjoy the warm weather and win some big bucks!

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