It was a glorious 11-day break from everything, but this morning it is back to reality as I head back to the office. At least I’m coming back refreshed and ready to get going on stuff. It will be a long week as Lauren is working 10 hours of OT, which means getting to work at 7 every day, but I’ve never been one to complain about being early for things. I was able to write this at work before the clock struck 8 this morning, in fact.

After we returned from the honeymoon Wednesday night, I still had Thursday and Friday off. I can’t remember what all I did but it wasn’t much. I started on the first batch of thank-you notes one afternoon and drank an entire Brewhouse growler another day. Saturday night a random group of friends over for a leftover wedding booze party, where Tripoli and Outburst were played and much booze was consumed. Even a sweater-clad Roscoe was in attendance. Sunday we watched lots of football during the day, and at night Lauren and I went to Eagan to catch up on this season of Dexter with Liz, Curt, Duane, and El Gato.

Well that’s probably all for the excitement from here for a while!