Twins, Tickets, 9/28, and City Driving Tips

This week’s Twins-Tigers series can probably be called the biggest, most important regular season series of the year in all of baseball. It’s the lone divisional race, and features the two teams going head-to-head for four games. The Twins, trailing Detroit by two games, need to win three of four or they’re done. Regardless of what happens, I have to admit I was wrong once again after giving up on the Twins in August when they fell six games under .500. The team has 81 wins now, earning them at least a .500 record on the season. One more win and they’ll have a winning record for the eighth time this decade. I’m sure I’ll be glued to the screen for most of the series.

Also regarding the Twins, this Sunday should be entertaining as I head to the Metrodome with Lauren, Walsh, and Sarah for the final Twins game in the Metrodome. I had a couple extra tickets I bought in March for $21 apiece, and was able to sell them online for a cool 300% increase of $65 each! Wish we would have bought more. And I was thinking of it that day too, but I really couldn’t afford to go buying dozens of tickets at that time.

Today at work will be a unique day. It is my 928th day at the office and the date is 9/28. I am expecting something amazing to happen at some point throughout the day. This day wouldn’t have even been possible except I took a sick day after the bachelor party, holding my number of days worked back a day. Thrilling, I know!

With the wedding coming up a week from Saturday, many out-of-towners will be coming to the Twin Cities for the weekend. A lot of people, especially from South Dakota, are very worried about driving in the area. To be fair, we are throwing them into a very busy part of a very busy city on a very busy Gopher homecoming weekend. I can remember in 2001 when I took a road trip with Brandon and Guy how we left at 1am so we’d get to Minneapolis early in the morning, hoping to avoid traffic. But it turned out to be super easy and there we sat at 6am waiting for our hotel check-in time at 3.

So, here is some advice and words of encouragement to those of you who will be driving here for the first time.

1. Heavy traffic means you go slower, thereby giving you more time to look for your exits or find out where you need to go.
2. Unless you get really lost and wind up in North Minneapolis, there really aren’t that many “bad” areas.
3. If you are overwhelmed taking the freeways, do what I do and stay on the side streets. I take Hwy. 7 to work instead of driving up to 394. And I take Franklin Ave. all the way to our reception site instead of going up to I-94.
4. Most streets in the city are either in numerical or alphabetical order, and preceeded by a N, S, E, or W. Use logic to find out where you are in relation to where you need to be.
5. As long as you can find your way to one of the major highways, you should be fine. If you wind up on 35W, 494, Hwy 62, Hwy 100, or Hwy 169, I’d think you’d be able to figure out where you are fairly easily.
6. Go through yellow lights, don’t stop at them. This isn’t Huron, after all!
7. Everyone speeds. I get passed going 65 in a 55 by 10mph every day. Not to say you should speed, but the locals always do.

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