This week at work was interesting, to say the least.  My colleague Josh has connections with a local cable TV studio that allowed us to come in and use their equipment to shoot some of our company’s product demo videos.  Well, Josh has connections with someone in the Twin Cities area for just about anything.  It happens that this studio is located in a middle school in Bloomington.  So, for four of the five days this week, I traveled to Bloomington and sat in the studio.  My job was primarily to record the voice-overs, but today I lent my acting abilities to a mock infomercial making fun of one of our products, Billy Mays style.  I thought I’d enjoy spending a week out of the office, but I quickly grew tired of it.

On Thursday, the fire alarm went off at school and I made my way down the hallway in orderly fashion with the fifth and sixth graders where we stood outside with the teachers who worked to get a head count.  Thankfully it was just a fire drill.  Some of the young girls snickered and pointed at me, and then one of them worked up the courage to ask me how tall I was, which resulted in even more snickering.  Oh, to be 12.

Wednesday I went to the doctor to have my red, bloodshot eye looked at, just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of infection from the stye I had in my eye.  The doctor took a quick look and told me it was a broken blood vessel and I’d be fine.  She noted that it was a weird coincidence that the broken blood vessel was straight behind the location of the stye.  My theory is the stye weakened the part of the eye that burst when I violently puked at my bachelor party.

Last night Lauren and I took off after work for Marshall, MN to meet up with our wedding officiant, Aaron Rush.  Rush and I went to college together, though he was a couple years ahead of me.  It was nearly a three-hour drive to get there, and even further for Rush who was coming from Avon, SD.  We met at Applebee’s and went over everything for the wedding and reminisced about the old 4th floor Richardson days at DSU.  We’re certainly glad to have someone we know and like to be the officiant at the wedding.

The drive home was atrocious.  It was getting very late and I found myself getting very drowsy, so I pulled over in Stewart and woke Lauren up and asked her if she would rather take over the driving or just take a quick nap so I could keep going.  Lauren angrily woke up and took over the driving, and I was fast asleep very quickly.  We got home around 1am and then this morning Lauren had to be to work early, so we were up at 5:45.  Amazingly I wasn’t very tired today.

Not much else to report.  The weekend is here and my schedule is pretty wide open.  I am sure we’ll take care of some wedding stuff and relax after a very busy week.