Not Such a Great 24 Hours

It has been an eventful 24 hours.

The Twins and Tigers split a double-header that was as nerve-wracking as it gets. Twins won Game 1 3-2 in 10 innings, Tigers held off a late Twins comeback to win 6-5 in Game 2.

At night, Lauren and I went to St. Paul to scope out prices at a second liquor store for the wedding bar but were dismayed to find it closed. Oh well, not a big deal. We’ll just go with Zipps I guess.

On the drive home, I stopped for gas and was scolded by the station attendant for attempting to press the Pay Inside button. Not a trustworthy neighborhood. Then I backed over to the air hose to fill up a low tire and couldn’t get the car to start back up. I needed a jump start to get going. Then when I did get back on the road I made a very illegal lane change and cut someone off.

This morning Lauren got painfully ill and had to stay home from work, but needed me to deliver some food for her department’s group lunch. Unfortunately, I once again couldn’t start the car, but flagged down a neighbor who gave me a jump. Again, it ran fine until I turned the car off. I delivered Lauren’s crock pot to Supervalu safely, too.

Without a working car, I walked 1.5 miles over break to get a haircut. I didn’t realize how sweaty I was until the stylist asked if I’d just run to Great Clips. I apologized for my profuse sweating and tipped her well.

Then I had to leave work early to get my car into the shop before they closed. Might have to wait till tomorrow morning for someone to look at it. Let’s hope it’s just the battery…

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