Happy Father’s Day!; Lose-Lose @ Dome

Happy Father’s Day!  Dad, I am sorry but you will not be getting anything in the mail from me this year.  I actually did buy a card at Target but it was meant for a little kid to give to his dad and after further review, I thought it was too stupid for even me to send.   This past year, Dad paid two visits to me in Minneapolis, fixed my car again, as usual, and even engaged in a wild family drinking game over Easter weekend.

In other news, Saturday evening, Lauren and I headed to the Metrodome for the Twins/Astros game.  I was anxious to go for two reasons.  A) It was free Twins/WeFest cowboy hat night, and B) the Astros were one of two teams I had yet to see play in person.  We bought some upper club tickets from a scalper and made our way inside.

Sadly, we were too late to the game and missed out on the free hats.  Both of us were very jealous when we saw thousands of fans wearing their relatively high-quality hats, at least high quality for a giveaway.  The Twins managed to hit 4 home runs, but the bullpen imploded in the 7th and the Astros won 6-5.  On the year, the Twins are now 2-4 when I attend, and 0-4 when Lauren attends, which is fairly amazing considering they have a very good home record. Traditionally the Twins go on huge winning streaks vs. the NL, but they will need to win today to finish with a winning homestand vs. the lowly Pirates and Astros.

In my attempt to continue losing weight before the wedding, I am still hitting up the gym as often as I can, but my weight hasn’t gone down very much.  It has fluctuated from 245-250 over the last month, which is still down a ways from the starting point of 268, but I can’t get it to go down much further.  Maybe I need to mix up the workout routine?  Lauren has enrolled in a pilates class, so maybe I should consider something like that!

Not a whole lot new with wedding plans.  Sounds like the wheels are in motion for both the bachelor/bachelorette parties in late August!  The girls are getting their dresses ordered.  The next thing we will have to look into is wedding rings and order invitations.  You can keep up with the latest at our new website, ryanandlaurengetmarried.com!


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