What’s Hot & What’s Not

Today, I’ll take a look at some of the good and bad stories taking place in my life this week.

What’s Hot!

1. The Wire. Lauren and I have been going through season 4 of The Wire at breakneck speed lately, already on the 10th episode.  The show is very interesting because I’m very entertained even though I oftentimes don’t understand what’s going on.  I have to watch with the subtitles on, otherwise I have very little idea what some of the characters are saying.  Lauren and I have been saying “sheeeeeeee-iiiiiit” a lot lately, like a few of the characters on the show say.  Excellent show, very, very good.

2. Paying off bills. After getting paid for website work and a few hours of DJing, I was able to pay off my MasterCard bill once and for all, and make a nice dent in our Target RedCard bill (TV)and a long-overdue Centerpoint bill.  This MasterCard thing was ridiculous.  I hadn’t used the card since November 2007 and had been making monthly payments for a very long time, so it is nice to have that credit card taken care of.

3. Old clothes back in rotation. This week I’ve worn a couple shirts I hadn’t been able to fit into for years.  My weight this morning checked in at 247, which is down 21 from my all-time high of 268 about three months ago.

4. Wedding stuff coming along. Today I booked the limo for the wedding, which of course will take me, Lauren, and our bridesmaids and groomsmen from the church to the reception hall, with stops in between for pictures and perhaps a bar or two… very standard.  Also, we just got the tuxes figured out last weekend, and I ordered my monocle.  Fellow groomsmen, should I order monocles for you too?

What’s Not Hot!

1. Apnea results. I went to the dr. Monday afternoon and picked up the equipment for an at-home overnight test.  I hooked up the machine and did the test, dropped it off in the morning, and went back Tuesday afternoon for the test results.  Dr. Kathawalla said I had improved by 50% or better since I got my dental device, but he was hoping for a 90% improvement, so he contacted dentist Marshall and adjustments will be made to this dental device to make my jaw stick out even further and further enhance the airflow.  Doc K said I stopped breathing nine times Monday night, as opposed to 33 times at the overnight stay at the hospital in February.

2. Bad habits. I’m sure Mom and Dad could tell you about my weird fidgety habits as a child… winking, dragging my right foot when I walk, making clicking noises with my tongue, etc.  I still have weird stuff like that, and right now it is blinking rapidly.  I can’t stop doing it!  But I’m sure soon I will start doing something else and forget about the blinking.

3. Dry weather. The weather has indeed been pleasant and sunny lately, but I have long been a big fan of rainy weather.  We haven’t had a thunderstorm yet this year in Minneapolis, aside from a brief 30-second shower Sunday evening.  They said May was the third dryest May in Twin Cities history, with less than 0.1″ of rain for the month.

4. Road construction. This week has been ungodly terrible for traffic.  Today was the longest it’s taken us to get home from work since we moved.  With a month-long project around the Lake of the Isles, we’re forced to sit in heavy traffic on Lake Street, sitting still at green lights.  It hasn’t helped that there have been two major accidents on major highways the last two days.

On This Date in Ryan Glanzer History

On June 3, 2005, Jason, Jeff, Patrick, Colin, Mike C, Kyle, Cooney, and I went to Canterbury to watch the horse races.  A party broke out at our Burnsville apartment afterwards, resulting in neighbors threatening to call the police.


  1. My humidity reader on my humidifier is currently reading in the 29% range. That is actually the same as dead winter.

    I have severe nasal problems when the air is this dry.

  2. I remember when I first met you I noticed you blinked a lot. So I would say this is round two of that funny habit! Mike Burke also goes through lots of funny habits like blowing on his fingers and clicking his tongue. Harmless.

  3. It’s going to be hard to keep that monocle in your eye if you’re blinking all the time. Better quit that before the wedding!

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