Tuxes, Monocles, The Wire, Trivial Pursuit

Friday evening after work, Lauren and I went to the tuxedo shop in Edina where I modeled a couple different tuxes, and of course, I went with the weird one.  That means fathers and groomsmen also get to wear the weird one!  Actually I thought it was kinda cool.  We’ll be wearing the long morning coats, with the tails down to the knees.  And the pants are striped, not solid.  Lauren took some pictures which I’m sure will be shared soon.  I also intend to purchase monocles for all males in the wedding, if for nothing more than some funny pictures and mementos.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Market BBQ on Nicollet, a place we had been thinking of trying for a year but never got around to it.  It was very delicious, but in my opinion wasn’t quite as good as Famous Dave’s.  We came back to the apartment, and soon Jason joined us for a very impressive game of Trivial Pursuit.  Possibly because we were all a little tipsy, the game took hours. Lauren was the first to collect all her pieces and move to the middle of the board for the victory, but fell asleep and quit!  Jason was the next to get all his pieces and kept getting absurdly hard questions about actresses from the silent film era.  I was next to move into position for the win and kept getting ridiculously hard questions about tennis and golf.  So we continued going back and forth, over and over again, until Jason finally got an easy movie question for the win.  Lauren literally could have woken up after an hour of sleep, come back out and still won.

A dramatic look at the three-way tie that carried on into the night.
A dramatic look at the three-way tie that carried on into the night.

Saturday, I woke up very late and immediately went for a 3-mile run around Lake of the Isles.  After spending the afternoon watching the Twins fall to 5-16 on the road, Lauren wanted to go to the gym, so I tagged along and sat in the hot tub for a while and did some light swimming.  We both signed up for accounts at About.com’s Calorie Count website, which is pretty cool.  You enter everything you eat for a day, all the activity you take part in, and it grades and analyzes you.

When we returned home, I found out you can make your own quizzes on Facebook, and I couldn’t wait to try it out by making a very funny Which Glanzer Family Member Are You? quiz, which so far has been taken by a handful of people.  It looks like I did a good job of matching the answers to each family member, because Jordan took the quiz and was most like herself.  If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to go over and do the quiz yourself right now and let me know how it turns out for you!

Late in the evening, Lauren and I took a walk past our old house on 26th St and went to the late-night Happy Hour at Jasmine 26 for dinner, where Vietnamese entrees, drinks, and appetizers were half off.  We sat outside and ate by candlelight while sipping some sake.  Very romantic, indeed!

This weekend we also finished Season 3 of The Wire, which Jason lent us, and started Season 4.  Season 3 was my favorite so far, as a major in the Baltimore police force decides to cut crime by essentially legalizing drugs in certain designated areas, thereby at least cleaning up the rest of the town.  It works, and crime falls 14%, but once people find out what he’s done, will they let it stand or shut it down?

Today, we are almost certainly going to go get our bikes from the Rosoks’ garage.  We’ve been planning on doing this every weekend since early April, and I really do want to have my bike back for the summer.  That will be a good 3-mile ride, so that will be our exercise for the day.  We’ll also probably watch the Twins game and more of The Wire.

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  1. If you can now run 3 miles, you’re ready to start training for the marathon! The program I’m thinking of, tells you how to train to run a marathon, but you first have to be able to run 3 miles. Can’t wait to cheer you on! About the monacles…isn’t that a bit strange???

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