Out Last Night

I should blame Kenny Chesney and his newest hit single “Out Last Night”.  I think it persuaded me to live out his song.

Things certainly got out of control yesterday when Jason and I hit up the Uptown Minneapolis bar scene.  It’s very rare that I wake up the next morning and can’t remember what happened, but I needed a reminder from Lauren.  I apparently threw my shoe off the balcony, spent a half hour on the phone with Alex and Colin, took money out of an ATM but didn’t actually take the money, and went into a rant about how I hate people after returning from Country Bar.  Damn you Green Mill and your amazing Sunday all-day happy hour deals!  But, I guess that will happen on a three-day weekend after just getting paid and not having a lot to do.  The important thing is I woke up and felt fine this morning.

I’ll report on the rest of my weekend fun later, but just wanted to let everyone who may have received a weird text message, phone call, or unusual Facebook activity last night know that I’m sorry!

On a bright note, I just weighed in at 245 this morning, meaning I’m down 22 pounds since March 1.


  1. glad about the weight loss, not glad about the rest…remember, you’re nearly a married man! I hope Lauren straightened you out good when you came to!

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